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Online web analysis player

Application backgroundAnalysis of the music site to get online MP3 address, full play interface and features, support for the custom play list after the search and play, can be used to learn windows player controls and web processing and interface editing (entry level)...

music player

Application backgroundThis music player I used two interface, based on the QMediaPlaylist QMediaPlayer, QT5 class to achieve multimedia player, to achieve a simple playback of songs, the next one, the last one, suspended. There are many loopholes. Function is not fully realized....

QT simple music player

Application backgroundTEMPLATE = appTARGET = musicplayerQT = widgets multimedia winextrasHEADERS = \Musicplayer.h \Volumebutton.hSOURCES = \Main.cpp \Musicplayer.cpp \Volumebutton.cppRESOURCES = \Musicplayer.qrcRC_ICONS = images/musicplayer.icoTarget.path = $$[QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES]/winextras/musicpla...

TS code stream analysis tool

Application background  EasyICE is a support MPEG-TS files and RTP multicast UDP, real-time analysis of the free software, main characteristics:1 support TS file analysis2 support tcpdump capture file ts, analysis at the same time3 support UDP, RTP, multicast IGMP_v2, IGMP_v3 real time flow ana...

Ffmpeg video player ffmpeg+sdl+draw (the inside of the notes are very detailed, you can choose their own mode of synchronization)

Application backgroundThis is a player for playing video and music. If you want to use the player, please put the entire folder into the project directory, and then add the existing items in the project, the player directory under theAssist.cppAssis...

Ffplay source code, combined with MFC to do a player

Application backgroundFor MFC FFplayLei Xiaohua Xiaohua LeiLeixiaohua1020@126.comCommunication University of China / digital TV TechnologyUniversity of China Digital / TV Technology CommunicationHttp:// project will be the ffmpeg project in the ffplay player (ffplay.c...

VB+BASS.DLL to achieve the effect of regulating music reverberation

Application backgroundBass.dll is a third party music decoding plug ins, supports a wide range of popular lossless music formats, such as: ACC, ape, FLAC and realize the common player complete function, such as setting equalizer, display the spectrum of music and environmental sound settings, reverb...

EXosip, oSIP source code and oSIP Development Manual

Application backgroundEXosip, oSIP source code and oSIP development manual, eXosip, oSIP source code and oSIP development manual, eXosip, oSIP source code and oSIP development manual, eXosip, oSIP source code and oSIP Development Manual...

VB source to test the sound card

VB to test the sound card hardware parameters of information, can detect sound card chips, ID/driver, driver version, the output channels, extended list of features, and much more....

Dock toolbar like apple system

Realization and Apple's operating system, like the fast docking toolbars and support PNG format full-color picture file, also support the transparent display, flashy desktop effects, move the mouse to the icon can automatic Yi....

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