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Implementation of direct draw graphics software code, for the interface design and need to first use direct SDK installation package installed library file can be normal use....

DirectX graphics software

Application backgroundBased on the Direct3D DirectX design graphics software, showing the DirectX drawing coordinates. Draw a straight line, two curves. Need to add the SDK DirectX library after the use of functions. Adding DirectX to various library functions for an additional dependency. Better th...

Elecardsdk DShow filter library

Application backgroundElecardSDK G4 1.5.1 BaseClass BaseClasses Lib  ElecardSDK G4 1.5.1 BaseClass BaseClasses Lib ElecardSDK G4 1.5.1 BaseClass BaseClasses LibKey TechnologyElecardSDK BaseClasses Lib  filter  ElecardSDK BaseClasses Lib  filter  ElecardSDK Bas...

Demo HGE

Application backgroundIn order not to mislead others, it is necessary to add a:HGE need to lock a buffer area, only to draw a large number of the same picture, if it is a variety of different pictures, the problem is out. If you draw one hundred pictures you need to lock and unlock the one hundred t...

Handle reading code

Application backgroundThis procedure is to read the common USB handle data, including buttons and axis attitude....

VC6.0 DirectX code

Vc6-d3d with the code, a simple window procedures. C + + game production, direct learning resource download, 3D game window creation process. This program to facilitate the users to make game of the entry-level code. He was admitted to the Win32 Application Program HelloWorld & amp; nbsp; program....

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