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Read X File Example

An example of using MS Directx D3DRM  It explains how read .X files, using texture and move in a 3D word built with Microsoft DX7 routines...

Capture in C# with WIA

Capture in C# with WIA Here, I want to show you another way to access your webcam using  WIA library. I found this library is more complete and so far work for me....

Adjustable diffuse light wave illumination model

After the action method runs. Is characterized by diffuse light to change when the program is run with the color component values to obtain a different light source color, thereby directly observed effects. This is a Frank d. Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0c----a Shader e...

Index method used to create 3D objects

Create 3D objects by index method, so you can save a lot of memory to speed up your PC's speed, easily and effectively, that the core part of the code is to create three dimensional objects using the index method to  ...

DX game alpha version

School game framework, using the DX9, are applied to 3D or 2D game development framework, not all code is just one frame, you need to write, to students who want to learn about....

VC mix programming

Remix using DIrectSound, the source code in VS2008,VS2010 are compiled, we want to help...

Capture Screen

  Using the PushSourceDesktop filter preview screen, and screenshots. PushSource they go online to download the compiler....

City 3D with cars

3D City with roads, buildings, parks, sidewalks, cars and sky background all textured. Also simple characters walking. It manages 1000 cars travelling to find their objective. Crossroad management and traffic light automation. Also traffic jams are compensated with negative...


Implementation of direct draw graphics software code, for the interface design and need to first use direct SDK installation package installed library file can be normal use....

Elecardsdk DShow filter library

Application backgroundElecardSDK G4 1.5.1 BaseClass BaseClasses Lib  ElecardSDK G4 1.5.1 BaseClass BaseClasses Lib ElecardSDK G4 1.5.1 BaseClass BaseClasses LibKey TechnologyElecardSDK BaseClasses Lib  filter  ElecardSDK BaseClasses Lib  filter  ElecardSDK Bas...


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