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Multithreaded operations

Multithreaded operationsAllows simultaneous searching of multiple root pathBuild a search path for queriesCreate multiple search threadsEach time you remove a search pathLooked up and recorded files and directoriesCompliant output to a fileInsert search path to traverse directoryGoals:Familiar with...

Bulk port scanner multithreaded IP port scanning tools, C++ source code, compiled directly using

IP port scanner, multithreaded, you can select the port range bulk port scanning! C++ source code, compiled with VC6 pass, can be used directly. IP port scanner, multi-threaded, you can select a range of ports bulk port scan! C ++ source code, compile with vc6 can be used directly....

c++ socket

Getting started with c++ socket, you can take a look, and if there is an incorrect or bad place, we can propose to communicate with others, ......

C # example high performance bulk SOCKET with a completion port

Examples include SocketAsyncEventArgs communication package, the server-side implementation log viewing, SCOKET lists remote files, upload, download, stream, throughput, protocols, used to test the SocketAsyncEventArgs properties and pressure, maximum number of connections that support 65,535 maximu...

Transpose matrix based on rectangular partitioning

A matrix transpose based on rectangular partitioning using pthread source code contains function source code, test shell script,Readme...

C++ thread pool can be used directly

Application backgroundC + + implementation of thread pool to mend their ways and handling large amounts of data very quickly, simply said, thread pool is pre created a number of threads, convenient and fast processing received service. Compared to the traditional arrival of a task, real-time to crea...

Bank account inquiry system

Application backgroundUsing VC server and client program development, the program is based on the client / server mode, to achieve a simple bank account query system function.Concrete process:1.  the server can receive any client connections;2.  server at the same time to communicate with...

High speed network transceiver

Application background20Gbps high speed transceiver network data and storageRequirement HardwareRaid RR2720 HighpointX SSD 8 (Intel 510 120MB is seriesRecommended) Requirement MDEMDE beta2 or 138157 later Tilera BuildDoesn't provide console Tile-monitorWith libreadline socket, based remote...

Electronic police upload program

Application backgroundThe system can for the public security departments to effectively combat speeding, robbery, crime of motor vehicle blacklist, seizing the traffic accident escape case, traffic status analysis, strengthening the administration of public security and other illegal behavior to pro...

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