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High speed network transceiver

Application background20Gbps high speed transceiver network data and storageRequirement HardwareRaid RR2720 HighpointX SSD 8 (Intel 510 120MB is seriesRecommended) Requirement MDEMDE beta2 or 138157 later Tilera BuildDoesn't provide console Tile-monitorWith libreadline socket, based remote...

Electronic police upload program

Application backgroundThe system can for the public security departments to effectively combat speeding, robbery, crime of motor vehicle blacklist, seizing the traffic accident escape case, traffic status analysis, strengthening the administration of public security and other illegal behavior to pro...

TCP/IP upgrade source

Application backgroundKey TechnologyC# advanced syntax, the use of multi threading advanced technology development.Create threadT1=new Thread Var (Metho); Pass parameters to threadThread constructor with the ParameterizedThreadStart delegate parameterTo create a custom class, the thread's metho...

Swing Java multi thread socket instant graphics

Application backgroundMultiple user besides can use text chat, you can also through the drawing board to communicate with others, it can be more convenient remote describes his own proposal. As well as the face to face communication.Key TechnologyPure java procedures, can be used as an example of pr...

Some of the very use of the basic library (pipeline, string, thread)

Application backgroundSome of the very use of the foundation (pipeline, string, thread, etc.)Key TechnologyThank you for your interest in my code....

JAVA multi thread

Application backgroundSrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehsrtjRTJsrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehsrtjRTJsrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehsrtjRTJsrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehsrtjRTJsrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehsrtjRTJsrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehsrtjRTJsrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehsrtjRTJsrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehsrtjRTJsrJytJshrtjrdkytawhtehs rtjRTJsrJytJ shrtjrdky...

Test. - the user interface thread

Application backgroundA more practical measurement of luck C + + program can realize random to simulate the luck is good or bad, mainly related to the UI thread thread and some C + + prepared, you can through this example to become familiar with the thread of the establishment and practical.Key Tech...

Prime Search - working thread

Application backgroundPrime Search - working thread, the program can be achieved through the C++ to achieve a prime number of search, through the construction of a working thread, you can clearly understand the operating mechanism of the thread, you can clearly two. The first is what is prime, follo...

VC write thread pool management

Application backgroundA thread pool using Vc6.0 programming class, using multi line programming of the students can refer to the use, it is necessary to modify some of the code to adapt to their own proceduresKey TechnologyThread pool, can be used directly, to help you manage the start of a multi-th...

Restaurant management system (management and client)

Application backgroundThe restaurant management system based on c++, divided into management and client, you can allow...

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