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Use the LAPACK library solving linear equations

Using mantlab and c program calling LAPACK library for solving linear equations arithmetic, can be extended to the inverse of the matrix, and characteristic values, such as an operation....

FTP thread cutting transmission

This is a to use multiple threads, will split a large file, FTP transfer into multiple smaller files examples...

Multithreaded programming example code under the window

Case for multithreaded programming under Windows, with source code, have a good reference value for everyone to share, a programming language for c/c + +. Multithreaded programming for beginners to learn it properly....

Thread pool class

It was written by someone else a thread pool class, very good, very detailed, code look very detailed, multi-thread technology is very helpful to me, a friend in need can be downloaded...

The Intelligent public traffic system

Specification of Protocol traffic between the subsystems of the bus system, realize the communication between subsystems...

Typing exercises

Letters fall from the top down, and immediately eliminate letters, it will disappear, interface is simple and easy to operateA based on Windows form of application, using multithreaded achieved typing practice function, in mainline Cheng Li with Timer controls timing produced Label controls, each La...

Socket-based multi-threaded chat room

&Nbsp;  a C/S  architecture, establishing how to implement client-server. &Nbsp;  server-side with socket binding host IP, waits for a client to connect. &Nbsp;  Server clients open up a thread for each connection. &Nbsp;  notice there is now a chat room c...

Readers with questions

Readers who write are defined as follows: there is a lot of processes sharing data, this data can be either a file or memory space; some only read the data process (Reader) and some just write process data area (Writer), there is also need to meet the following conditions:(1) any number of readers c...

I2C,F020 Development Board using the program

This routine is F020 microcontroller development board designed a test software, application I2C interface. Can simply be applied to all aspects. Pin modification is simple, clear notes to facilitate everyone to use....

(C language) process management simulation system

This program is to simulate the process management implementation, which mainly include the following five areas:(1) Create a new process; (2) View running processes; (3) View Ready process;(4) See the blocking process; (5) the process of scheduling; (6) to exit the programRun this program after ent...

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