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Thread programming using Python

Add another instance of the queue, the queue is then passed to the first thread pool class ThreadURL. Then, for another thread pool class DatamineThread, copied almost exactly the same structure. In the run method in this class, get Web pages from each thread in the queue, blocks of text, then uses...

Multi Threaded WebScraping in C#

Web Scraping involves obtaining information of interest from the webpages. I tried to make a step by step guide starting from basic of webscraping using WebBrowser to a little bit advance topics like performing login and maintaining sessions via HTTPWebRequest. This is the first relea...

Multiplying matrices

Create network cannot be found, the c programming is simplified. Written in loops, for n*n-order matrix, used in teaching...

Scrapping Project

This is scrapping project. Its language is c#. I used HttpWebRequest Class. It can connect to https protocal. no need to verify authorization....

How to use Threads in Java

"Threads" in Java are basically a way to run multiple processes simultaneously in our Java programs. Usually we have to use them to create classes that extend the Thread class, and rewrite the main method "run ()", which is to be run primarily to start a thread, thread or new java process....

Implementation of thread pool

Thread pools are a form of multithreading, the process in which tasks are added to a queue, and then automatically starts after the thread is created with these tasks. Thread pool threads are background threads. Each thread uses the default stack size, runs at the default priority, and in the multit...

Editor and multithreaded Photo Gallery Properties Search

Actual work has accumulated a large amount of material for use by the entire local area network. Every image or directory has its corresponding properties, LAN users in accordance with the needs to look up the picture he needed, greatly improving efficiency. General idea is using property database r...

Simple thread pool usage

Sometimes we need a lot of threads to handle the task, in order to reduce the frequent application brought  by a thread overhead, we can use pre-created thread pool threads provided we use, here is a simple thread  pool implementation is quite good for beginners guide....

Erlang processes written communication

Implementation for any given function seek their integration, input start (F, X1, X2, Num, Cores), F is a function type, X1, X2 represents the conversion range of X, Num represents the X1-X2 divided by interprocess communication Num parts, Cores represents the total number of processes, but here is...

VC multi-threaded testing

A client-side performance test simulation program can be used as a simple performance test tool, is a good example of multithreading and socket programming learning. This program simulates many client initiates the concurrent requests to the service, each thread is impersonating a client, number of...

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