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Multithreaded GUI interface control output

Python threads complaint as we all know, that there was no real sense of the multiple programs concurrently. However multithreaded GUI procedure had to be, because some operations are always very time consuming and without threads, then the GUI will be in a State of suspended animation, the user exp...

Galloping horse animations in c # ThreadAnimator

The use of threads to display animation, can not assume that seven picture is seven thread because thread start (), the first to enter the queue, and then perform the operation DoWorkIf set seven threads, the order will be chaotic picture shows; on the need to set priorities in order to achieve the...

Airline Reservation System

Airline Reservation SystemTheproject presented here is the Airline Reservation System. Airlinereservations system is an integrated passenger processing system, includinginventory, fares, ticket-less operations and credit card transactions. Allcommunications are via TCP/IP network protocol enabling t...

Thread simulator NetBeans

Application backgroundThis project simulates threads in java with interface. It is based on the producer-consumer algorithm. It also uses buffers to store the data.Key Technology A program or process can contain multiple threads that execute instructions according to program code. Like multiple...

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