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Simple socket-based multiplayer chat

Basic socket communication, protocol tcp protocol. socket, as well as multi-threaded entryEstablishing a thread for each connected client...

VB multi-threaded model source code

Application backgroundBased on the multi thread technology of VB6.0, which contains the demonstration and the source code, solve the problem of VB multi thread programming problems, welcome to try and improveKey TechnologyThere have been detailed in the Chinese language to write the steps, here is n...

Windos multi-core multi-threaded programming

Application backgroundWindows classic multi-core multi thread programming test, in fact, including readers who write, the tortoise and the hare, barber, producers and consumers and the dining philosophers problem source code to part of the program can further understand the process synchronization p...

C++ implementation I guess you have drawn

C++ development platform for your implementation and design of drawing I guess, using multi-threading, MFC, network programming, implementing a client connection to the server and users chat, and painting....

Some game engine source code socket communication module

A large gaming company game engine source socket communications part of Mina framework custom  communication protocols...

classic source p2p emule

classical source p2p emule, a pure c ++ realize the p2p model, learning c ++ coding classic. Whether encoding format, style, or on a variety of c ++ syntax templates use are very detailed. Good code is rare, open to compile and run. Can run on linux and windows and other platforms....

VB multi thread communication

Use Visual Basic 6 true practical multi-threaded serial communication...

Transpose matrix based on rectangular partitioning

A matrix transpose based on rectangular partitioning using pthread source code contains function source code, test shell script,Readme...

C++ thread pool can be used directly

Application backgroundC + + implementation of thread pool to mend their ways and handling large amounts of data very quickly, simply said, thread pool is pre created a number of threads, convenient and fast processing received service. Compared to the traditional arrival of a task, real-time to crea...

Bank account inquiry system

Application backgroundUsing VC server and client program development, the program is based on the client / server mode, to achieve a simple bank account query system function.Concrete process:1.  the server can receive any client connections;2.  server at the same time to communicate with...


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