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ibhioniunioninidcdcde #pragma mark - View lifecycle - (void)viewDidLoad{     [super viewDidLoad]; } - (void)viewDidUnload{     [super viewDidUnload]; } - (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated{  ...

Algorithm of minimum searching

Golden section method - a method of finding the extremum of real functions of one variable at a given interval. The method is based on the principle of division of the segment in the proportions of the golden section. Golden section method can be transformed into a so-called method of Fibonac...


Although I evil if the break sent shares of the Al, college entrance examination this year that year, card key cartilage rude self Allan the Ramen Accra; unthinkfulness, spicy Alameda Akon I Mel development threshold account for you what are you looking at do you know Li Kemu, huh,;,, ...

Adapt ios7 hub

Achieve the effect of a variety of HUD. This is a small part of the effect of the most diverse HUD. You can set many parameters for the HUD the animation and appearance. Included, you can set whether HUD has a border (border), set how the HUD appeared and disappeared (including top and bottom, left...

Cocos2d Tutorial

This is Cocos2d tutorial project that demonstrate how to initialize OpenGL ES context, How to set OpenGL Pixel Format, how to set pixel format,  how to set buffer depth, how to set projection and orientation, how to enable multiple touches, How to display Scene etc....

My scratch music games

Himself simply practicing handwriting a scratch music games, 3 goals are randomly generated numbers, then the Player click on the cards, if you click on the figure was goal number three in a row, The "winning". Belonging to the practiced hand little demo for beginners....

IOS remix player

Support Equalizer options (styles selection) remix player demo. Can be mixed model karaoke software.Official Demo this Demo reference comes. AUController to implement dual reverb you want to provide different audio tracks on both ends of the audio files, dongxiaojie1.MP3 and dongxiaojie2.MP3 as in t...

IOS audio player

Powerful sound processing class library (Audio Engine), you can make the sound mix (Mix), a sound filter (Audio Filter), and add effects to the sound, and so on. Specific features special includes:1. can easily create sound effects in real time, create either objects, blocks, or Audio Units and loop...

My own Orm in Objective-C

It's a very simple Orm that's able to save data into a database...

my source game

1. Open the file:Classes/Support/Global.h to config the game://Border of the fish#define kHeroWith       70 #define kHeroHigh       50 //Fish's speedup and speed down#define kHeroDownSpeed  6 #define kHeroUpSpeed    10 //Gap between 2 tower#define kD...

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