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IOS used macro definitions

Macro definitions used in iOS, including macro-defined color, macro definition fonts, device's physical size, color, and so on....

Use blocks to build the interface

- [x] Wonderful block style. - [x] Universal macro definition. - [x] Encapsulation of AFNetworking. - [x] Encapsulation of FMDB. - [x] Cooperate with Masonry,code views Faster. - [x] Live reload, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

Fingerprint to unlock

The latest fingerprint to unlock, everyone is welcome to share, share code, learn and improve themselves at the same time can also help others. IOS learning together helping each other on the road, our shared commitment to the future of iOS and growth, also want to be able to make to the iOS God ~~~...

iOS 微博 纯代码 DEMO

界面展示 图文混合排版 图片处理  头像处理 模版 ...


实现计步器,传感器的使用 实现计步器,传感器的使用...

ios Charts

ios一款画图的软件,基于Charts源码设计的柱状图,饼状图!                                                              ...

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