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RTMP Apple phone IOS push flow

Apple IOS RTMP plug flow. The demo is based on IOS mobile video broadcast SDK and apple IOS RTMP plug flow; 2) LiveVideoCoreSDK is interface SDK, live video interface are here; (more please self packaging)...

IOS compass OC code

Application backgroundSimple compass function, click on the compass to start / close. It is best to horizontally 8 words shaking the phone, so as to be accurate...

Music animation effect

Modified from the snow code converted to background music, you can play music as background! Can also be defined as the effect you want, you can replace the background image or pretty pictures, will give you a surprise haha...

Primary Operations to iOS Database

It can be used for primary operations in a iOS database, such as add/delete/modify/retrieve operation. It is easy to use. You may just modify the form a bit....

RTLabel-master - inherited from UIView

The RTLabel-master,  inherited from UIView with a newly written lable. You can setup all the properties....

IOS Implementaation of the 3D transition effect of Poker

This code is to implement the 3D transition effect of Pokers. It is an iOS implementation. Comment and suggestions are welcome...

IOS Theme Switch Effect

This code is to introduce and implement the theme switch effect. You may have a better understanding of the theory of the theme switch...

IOS Implementation - frosted glass effect

This code can implement the basic frosted glass effect on IOS in a simple and easy way. The code is easy to read. Suggestion and comment are welcome...

Deep tracing algorithm based on swift demo

As long as any match to the ID/parentId structure data, are available through the quick sort algorithm and get the results as shown below (data as test data)New 5 nodes, and below is the result, and new data can be at any level, here's just a model//001//|         //  002 &n...

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