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Menu Tools

A turntable style menu, more of your own to control disk size, a turntable-style menu, with more of your own to control disk size...

IOS custom ActionSheet

Contains the extracted components can be used directly in the project and shows demo component functionality: custom action lists in two forms, one at the bottom of the screen, is located in the middle of the screen, you can display the Image and text , components, constitutes    ...

Success/failure class library

Smart, practical success/failure small class library. P.S ... no matter how small classes, there are open source directly, try to avoid writing. Author: This is a Swift µ frameworkprovidingResult.Resultvaluesareeithersuccessful(wrappingValue)orfailed(wrappingError). This is similar to Swift's nativ...

Button value

Click on the audit function, the button value! Various background effect, achieving button shading!Button = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom];//button type button.frame = CGRectMake (applicationWidth/6*4.9, 20,applicationWidth/5.8, applicationHeight/16);//     The frame button b...

Object-C data archive

Archives mainly in custom class, note that archived in a custom class to obey the NSCoding Protocol, and override the method....

IOS, photo carousel

The code you have to learn how to use, not invented here, but also their hope you useful when playing out, use the ScrollView achieved....

IOS Gauss blur

Application backgroundApplications need to run IOS system 6.1 above support the Xcode environment to achieve consistent with the system of the Gaussian blur using system uitoolbar. Don't need screenshot so the background can be changed dynamicallyKey TechnologyUsing uitoolbar system to realize fuzzy...

Mobile phone side pull box

Application backgroundThis side pull frame is a comprehensive software of the side pull technology, research, analysis, experience, the final synthesis of the side pull technology.Key TechnologyFor the mobile phone app interface set up the left side of the box, on the one hand to add the interface o...

Cocoapods use

Application backgroundIf the open source library has been updated, but also need to use the open source library to delete, re executed in front of the three steps, immediately head... Since the cocoapods. These complex work will no longer need our pro & nbsp; cocoapods is IOS is the most commonly us...

Automatic adaptation

Application backgroundIOS software development process is very important point is to screen system and of suitable matching system adaptation is mainly ios7 after and before the and ios8 new features and screen adaptation is mainly for different devices with different layout to show the best display...

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