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Very good effect

Application backgroundCBChart is a simple chart, used to display simple data. Directly given x, the value of the Y axis, you can automatically generate a line chart, can be customized.Key TechnologyCopy the folder CBChart to the project, import the header file:  #import  "CBChartView.h" &n...

Mixed development example code (all of the code examples)

Application backgroundAppcan as the first hybrid development platform, you can achieve the application of IOS and Android dual platform through a set of code. For developers to save development time, and the application of the ability to perform almost comparable to native, you deserve.Key Technolog...

Public comment interface test (Ajax access to review data and display)

Application backgroundCode is appcan platform, debugging is the interface of the public comment, which is the default entry of the Baidu weather forecast, if you want to see the public comment only need to open their own test.html page, in the log log display dataKey TechnologyMainly through the Aja...

Music Player

Application backgroundIf there is a code fragment in the source code, please insert the code in the editor and insert the code and select the corresponding programming language for the code fragment to be correct syntax coloring.Key TechnologyMusic player, music player, music player, music player, m...

TableViewcell cell click IOS to change the size

Application backgroundSimilar to the click cell to start reading and more content. Similar to some of the app questions and answers, click on the question to start the answer, etc..Key TechnologyUse cell click and adaptive, set a global array, according to the number of cell array set object number,...

IOS game source code to sweep the source of the game source code with material resources

Application backgroundIOS swept the game source codeKey TechnologyMaterial resources...

IOS simple login verification interface

Application backgroundObjective-C to do a simple login verification interface, including the input content for the empty judgment, as well as the response to the keyboard operation, is very suitable for the use of   development of the iOS;...

Imitation small shrimp music drop-down menu list screen

Application backgroundAn open source iOS drop-down menu selection list, with a similar small shrimp album screening function calculation channel, view height according to the dynamic Tag data returned by the server, the hidden menu will display the selected tab....

Custom settings page general framework

Application backgroundResource descriptionShould be developed for each APP, are not to set up a personal page, so I have time to write a general page, it is not necessary to re - thank each time, the setting page for most of the APP settings page, the code is clear, very easy to use....

Map location

Application backgroundHas been packaged, the use of Apple's positioning framework, the location of the user to obtain the latitude and longitude, and can be compiled for the geographic coordinates, simple and easy to use, for the daily low correlation APP write a lot of time, but also as a novice le...

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