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(void)configureCell:(UITableViewCell *)cell atIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath; @end @implementation AGMasterViewController - (void)awakeFromNib {     [super awakeFromNib]; } - (void)viewDidLoad {     [super viewDidLoad];     // Do any a...

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langage vhdl

ensembles matériels.=> permet des descriptions comportementales, structurelles ou mixtes.Comparaison avec autres standards:VHDL:" Dites moi comment doit se comporter votre application et je vous fournirai les circuits correspondants".ABEL, PALASM, AHDL:" Dites moi quels circuits vous voulez et j...

Brick Legend

Brick Legend is a simple ball, paddle, and block game where you move your paddle from side to side to bounce the ball and try to break the blocks to level up....

with this file you are able to acquire memory bandwidth for any device

 This program measures memory transfer rates in MB/s for simple          computational kernels coded in C.                                     ...

Locate Latitude Longitude

Attempts to track the user location with a specific level of accuracy. A "distance filter" indicates the smallest change in location that triggers an update from the location manager to its delegate. Presents a SetupViewController instance so the user can configure the desired accuracy and distance...

Cocos2d Game

Its a simple cocos2d game. Cocos2d for iPhone is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. The game fire the targets and there are many targets coming. if target misses you lose the game....

Food Recipes

Its a Food application that show list of different foods and their ingredients and also provide instructions how to make the food. It also print the list of foods....

Top Songs Details

Its a small application that demonstrate how to load Songs data from internet and then display that data in table view. This application using Core Data Framework to efficiently display data in table....


This application demonstrate how to scroll text by user interaction. User can touch the text to scroll the text horizontally. User can easily use this feature in any app....

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