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Primary Operations to iOS Database

It can be used for primary operations in a iOS database, such as add/delete/modify/retrieve operation. It is easy to use. You may just modify the form a bit....

Menu Tools

A turntable style menu, more of your own to control disk size, a turntable-style menu, with more of your own to control disk size...

Success/failure class library

Smart, practical success/failure small class library. P.S ... no matter how small classes, there are open source directly, try to avoid writing. Author: This is a Swift µ frameworkprovidingResult.Resultvaluesareeithersuccessful(wrappingValue)orfailed(wrappingError). This is similar to Swift's nativ...

Button value

Click on the audit function, the button value! Various background effect, achieving button shading!Button = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom];//button type button.frame = CGRectMake (applicationWidth/6*4.9, 20,applicationWidth/5.8, applicationHeight/16);//     The frame button b...

Object-C data archive

Archives mainly in custom class, note that archived in a custom class to obey the NSCoding Protocol, and override the method....

Automatic adaptation

Application backgroundIOS software development process is very important point is to screen system and of suitable matching system adaptation is mainly ios7 after and before the and ios8 new features and screen adaptation is mainly for different devices with different layout to show the best display...

Very good effect

Application backgroundCBChart is a simple chart, used to display simple data. Directly given x, the value of the Y axis, you can automatically generate a line chart, can be customized.Key TechnologyCopy the folder CBChart to the project, import the header file:  #import  "CBChartView.h" &n...

Custom settings page general framework

Application backgroundResource descriptionShould be developed for each APP, are not to set up a personal page, so I have time to write a general page, it is not necessary to re - thank each time, the setting page for most of the APP settings page, the code is clear, very easy to use....

Map location

Application backgroundHas been packaged, the use of Apple's positioning framework, the location of the user to obtain the latitude and longitude, and can be compiled for the geographic coordinates, simple and easy to use, for the daily low correlation APP write a lot of time, but also as a novice le...

Lyrics analysis

Application backgroundBy reading the lyrics LRC file, parse the lyrics, the sample through a simple player Demo, to achieve the lyrics and song playback synchronous display....

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