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Music animation effect

Modified from the snow code converted to background music, you can play music as background! Can also be defined as the effect you want, you can replace the background image or pretty pictures, will give you a surprise haha...

Deep tracing algorithm based on swift demo

As long as any match to the ID/parentId structure data, are available through the quick sort algorithm and get the results as shown below (data as test data)New 5 nodes, and below is the result, and new data can be at any level, here's just a model//001//|         //  002 &n...

Success/failure class library

Smart, practical success/failure small class library. P.S ... no matter how small classes, there are open source directly, try to avoid writing. Author: This is a Swift µ frameworkprovidingResult.Resultvaluesareeithersuccessful(wrappingValue)orfailed(wrappingError). This is similar to Swift's nativ...

Object-C data archive

Archives mainly in custom class, note that archived in a custom class to obey the NSCoding Protocol, and override the method....

Mobile phone side pull box

Application backgroundThis side pull frame is a comprehensive software of the side pull technology, research, analysis, experience, the final synthesis of the side pull technology.Key TechnologyFor the mobile phone app interface set up the left side of the box, on the one hand to add the interface o...

Very good effect

Application backgroundCBChart is a simple chart, used to display simple data. Directly given x, the value of the Y axis, you can automatically generate a line chart, can be customized.Key TechnologyCopy the folder CBChart to the project, import the header file:  #import  "CBChartView.h" &n...

Lyrics analysis

Application backgroundBy reading the lyrics LRC file, parse the lyrics, the sample through a simple player Demo, to achieve the lyrics and song playback synchronous display....

Button animation

Application backgroundDOFavoriteButton is a button with animation effects.Coding ByButton let = DOFavoriteButton (CGRectMake frame: (0, 0, 44, 44), UIImage self.view.addSubview (named: "star.png") (button) (image:) ()...

Alarm clock

Modify the basic realization alarm timer switches to time there are tips for beginners to see, the code is still relatively basic, need to change, please include...

d gdtrtttttttttttttt

#include "stdafx.h" #include "mp3player.h" #include "mp3playerDlg.h" #include "mmsystem.h" #include "Digitalv.h" #pragma comment(lib,"winmm.lib") #include "MCI.h" #ifdef _DEBUG #define new DEBUG_NEW #undef THIS_FILE static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__; #endif ///////////////////////////...


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