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signer applet

Use to sign data, sign pdf, sign office; intergrated on all browsers, as: chrome, IE, firefox. Can use pkcs11, csp, pkcs12 to load certificate to sign data, pdf file, ooxml file in this project...


client View Medical Image jsp source code. Clinical workstations can be used....

JAVA classes and object

JAVA classes and object-oriented class operations, an online evaluation system framework. Realize some basic categories. For reference...


Business information management platform for enterprise information management, contract management, travel management...

Production System: A Java implementation of the animal identification system can...

Production System: A Java implementation of the animal identification system can identify the various features of the obvious animal...


Java-based animal identification system that can recognize simple, there are obvious features of the animals, the program can continue to expand...


a membership of the CD rental shops in a sales management procedures can be carried out right vip cd and additions, excision, and other functions...

java applet图表生成插件,动态生成复杂的柱状图,饼状图等

plug-generated graphics, dynamic generation of complex column, looking pie, etc....

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