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JSON WEB package

This procedure based on the JSON format, will be packed into a FORM is bound to a field, then upload to a specific back-end code for processing. the procedures using the ExtJS library, 3.2.x; Anyone is welcome to use and comment! Thank you!...

e cart shopping

this is code for e cart shopping website for every mocule showed easily and simply...

toko online

this code is PHP for e-commerce..member must login to buy product..this code content how to buy product.. there many product is doll..this code not have search content...

Onlice Cargo System

Web based Cargo Tracking System Management ProjectProject Abstract:Cargo services are one of the busy businesses where daily many customers sends goods from one county, state to other county. In order to deliver goods in given time management system must be computerized and reduce manual work and pr...

e107 is a free (open-source)

e107 [Content Management System][1] (CMS) - v2What is e107?e107 is a free (open-source) content management system which allows you to easily manage and publish your content online. Developers can save time in building websites and powerful online applications. Users can avoid programming completely!...

Aspcms website

aspcms made website ASPCMS, major companies for the rapid construction of simple, efficient, easy to use, secure corporate website, the general developers can use the system at the lowest cost, with minimal human input in the shortest possible time set up a full-featured, high-performance corporate...


<span style="font-size:12.0pt;font-family:"">stakeholdersrequirements. Architectures are based on ‘building blocks’: that can bedeployed incrementally over time and re-used to build new services allowingbusinesses to build new services quickly and effectively to meet new and...

Alert flat design

JQuery alert flat design, appearance, hoping to help those people in need, for everyone to download.     ...


• It maintains three levels of users:-ü  Receptionist ü  • The Software includes:-ü  ProvidingPrescription.ü  Billingand Report generation....

Web Browser

simple web browser for mini project of computer science students..............created in vb.netits very easy to learn...

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