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JsWallper_wk JS implementation falls flow

Application background  use JS to achieve the waterfall flow effect, the code is written in the environment for the IDEA 14.1.3 Intellij, the mouse down when the picture is dynamically loaded, the code attached to the detailed notes!Key TechnologyCSS/DIV style setting and layout, JS function re...

LigerUI rapid development UI framework

Application backgroundLigerUI is based on the UI jQuery framework, the core of which is the rapid development, the use of simple, powerful, lightweight, easy to expand. Simple and powerful, is committed to creating a fast Web front-end interface solutions, can be applied to.Net, JSP, PHP and so on W...

Div layer height can freely drag demo

Application backgroundThis is a use div layout, and realize the div height can drag the demo example. Using the jQuery framework, the Firefox and IE compatibility...

Simple message board

Application backgroundThis is a based on JSP + servlet + JavaBean technology simple message board, the MVC pattern, the full realization of the page display and logical separation helps to better understand the advantages of the two technologies of JSP and servlet, hope to help everyone....


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