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HTTP Get Post Testing

Its a small utility used to test any web service. It help you to open HTTP link and also show Get Request sent and Response. This utility also help to Post data....

Php Projects

Its a php project. it contains more files. this project describes about zealsoft company pvt ltd. though this project we know about that company,contacts details, sponsored companies and business details, project details...

Snow Effect

Snow Effect embed for web site, you can use this script when winter come and before Noel This Effect make your site look so cool It suggest you festival gonna come ...


Para otros usos de este término, véase Electrónica (desambiguación). Detalle de un circuito integrado SMD. Circuito electrónico sobre una placa para prototipos o protoboard La electrónic...

My personal C# system

My personal works, slag residues. A carpooling system, implement a simple flat car system has three tiers, but car-sharing contract management has not been perfected. Individuals just getting started with programming, and exhibitions....

upolading excel in php

heres an example about getting data from an excel file to a sql data base or just to a php page to manage....


Hints: You would earn points (0 - 20) based on the quality of your source codes and the description. Low quality, duplicate codes or poor described will be deleted.Hints: You would earn points (0 - 20) based on the quality of your source codes and the description. Low quality, duplicate codes...

an open phpcms system

an open phpcms system someone want to do everything fo you ...

Triangular Menu

This is the triangular menu which has a triangle after each menu item and when user hovers over a particular menu item the color of that triangle changes.this menu is created completely through CSS coding,no any kind of image used for triangular gives a good descent look....

JQuery popup layer

art. Dialog JavaScript dialog boxes is a lightweight and highly compatible components, software lets your Web pages interact with desktop-like user experience.Feature: support for lock screen (matte), simulate the alert and confirm, multiple window pop up, static positioning, supports the Ese, timin...

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