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web site development

Furthermore, properproject includes implementing the project          plan to make sure that each step isbeing properly followed. Highly organized would properly define awell-considered project plan following carefully differentiated steps tocomplete the project. Feasibility...

Online exam system

The Online Examination System Project application is developed for Engineering Colleges. This is started to promote projects by helping Final Year students in terms of providing high speed satellite links, giving all required government clearances at single point.There is always a rising need to con...

Web Browser

This is Web BRowser OF Java is like to the Chrome and Another of Browser so you can See tthis in he code...

Session Tracking

Using sessions in servlets is straightforward and involves four basic steps. Here is a summary:Accessing the session object associated with the current request. Call request.getSession to get an HttpSession object, which is a simple hash table for storing user-specific data.Looking up information as...

Barcode Programs With PHP

This program maybe useful for you to develop this application. Please be aware that BarWare may contain bugs. Running BarWare.sql drops several tables. Make sure that those tables don't already exist if you are using an existing database....

Web Calendar

This script is written with PHP, MySQL, and Javascript, and intended to be easy to setup and use. There's a back end, password protected update area which allows the user to add/update/delete events and alter the appearance of the calendar through HTML forms. It's free for individual and nonpro...

Web Browser

This is a web browser in java language.By describing how to show an html,css etc pages in a web browserhow to open local files in a web browser.How to enable and disable forward and previous page button as per the display of page.All these things can be smoothly understand after seeing this browser...

Test Application

The Employment job portal application has been developed for the online registration of private employers, submission of vacancy information, searching and sponsoring of candidates, issuance of letters to candidates, entry of interview and joining status of selected candidates etc....

Web Player code

This code is a Web Player code, and can support a variety of video playback. If you want to run this code you must install player plugins, or windstorm, fast play and other players....

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