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LinkedIN Clone

This is a clone for LinkedIn, It helps user to connect in a professional environment and share their skills with their professional friends....

clinic site

size:16px;">义诊现场维护工作的各项临床活动喜欢病人登记、 预约,医生详细。...

Web election

based Election Software Version: 13102008b * Copyright (c) 2008, BRAD HEAP * All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: *     * Redistributions of s...

Online Banking

Now a days, the bank customer who is everything based on the bank and can’t able to involve in the bank process. This Problem can be solved through Mobile System. The title of the project is MOBILE BANKING SYSTEM. The main aim of my project is to computerize the Bank Process, which is used to r...

Car Rental Management Program

space:nowrap;">This is a car rental manager. The basic program using various tools. Made by dedicated staff....

Feedback Management System

size:14px;">这个"员工反馈管理系统"开发使用 PHP 语言,雇员可以就有些事反馈他们的意见。...


based reservation system. It's based on HTML5, PHP & MySQL, and it's free and open source.It was originally written to replace the paper-based reservation system used to reserve a washing machine used by many people where I live. Since it has other potential uses, and can be useful to others, I...

web development (HTML, CSS) - socialization web site

A web page created in HTML5 and CSS. It is used for creating accounts in order to communicate with friends. It's a home implemented version of socialization web site. The interface is made more interesting with css( hover over buttons, colours, and other facilityes)....

e-library system

超文本预 - 处理器(业务逻辑和中等层次处理),MySQL的为后面 - 后端数据库和Apache Web服务器。该项目旨在为喷泉大学图书馆开发一个在线图书馆集成管理系统。这是一个可以在整个校园内访问企业内部网的应用程序。此外,这...

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