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clinic site

clinic site to maintain the working of all the clinical activities like patient registration ,appointment,Doctors detail....

Car Rental Management Program

This is a car rental manager. The basic program using various tools. Made by dedicated staff....

online Examination

This project is online project Examination in php language that use sql database and that is best project for bca - mca- ce level ....

Feedback Management System

This "Employee Feedback Management System"  developed using PHP language and the employees can say their feedback about the somethings....

e-library system

An Electronic Library System (ELS), also known as a Library Management System (LMS) is an enterprise resource planning system for a library, used to track items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patron who have borrowed. It also comprises of an expert system or an artificial intelligent system for...

Simple online quiz

This is a simple online quiz developed using php and mysql, you don't hae to struggle much to set it up and if you are just a php starter you cvan also use this simple php code which will enhance you in forging ahead in web developmeent...

Browse- Simple simple and practical picture browser

Application backgroundBrowse Simple is a simple and easy to use, the source code of public image browser. It is small, fast browsing, generating tiny exquisite beautiful, can browse a variety of common image format. It is modeled on the ACDSee, and the use of methods are quite like. But there is a l...


example of a component treeCheckBox (union of the components tree and checkbox) using actionscript linguaguem - Apache Flex...



Read JSON movie file and query movie ratings from TMDb

The php script decodes a JSON file containing movies from the BBC  inpayer and queries fro movie ratings from the TMDb using a TMDb API which is attached .The movies and corresponding ratings are displayed on a web browser. One needs to sign up with the TMDb to get a key...

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