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Using binocular vision draw coordinates

Procedure is to calibrate the camera first, and that disparity map and coordinates using disparity maps drawn. the code has the detailed annotation, each step is perfect, can use logging...

MATLAB implementation of remote sensing image classification based on k-means algorithm

K-means algorithm is a typical point-by-point modified dynamically iterative clustering algorithms, is also a commonly used method, which is based on squared error criterion function. General practice is to select a number of representative points according to certain principles as the core of the c...

Crystal DE2-115 Board camera acquisition program

This base Yu Youjing technology company DE2-115 Development Board, with the D5M500 megapixel camera to achieve the image acquisition, CCD campture main module. I2C Protocol configuration, Bayer format into RGB format conversion, it has SDRAM read/write controller and VGA controller, transformation,...

Number of detected

Application backgroundThe statistics system of the classroom can accomplish the real-time statistics of the number of the classroom, and it is one of the key factors that can improve the teaching quality and students' learning life. This article involves the classroom number statistics system, due t...

Halcon+MFC to achieve positive and negative, mixed detection components

Application backgroundCode is achieved through the MFC+HALCON10.0 library, the idea is to write their own, the underlying code with Halcon implementation.  Using the template of Halcon to determine the pros and cons of components, using the principle of shape matching.At the same time through c...

Digital Identification System

Instructions for use: The first step: training network. Using the training samples for training. (This program may not training because I have to save up the trained network parameters, when the reader can be used in direct recognition) Step Two: Identify.   First, open the image...

stereo matching code

This is a stereo matching full code under MATLAB, comes from a University abroad routine contains detailed. m file and cross compiling cpp and h files, suitable for carefully studying specific algorithms...

Facial gender recognition

Facial gender recognition, use the LGBP,LDA,SVM method. Using a new method of image texture description —— 局部 Gabor Transform sequence histogram (LGBPHS) , Gabor Local binary mapping 特征 Due to the combination of local binary patterns, spatial information, and Gabor Wavelet amplitude in...

Vehicle "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB

Vehicle "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB Vehicle "highway...

OpenCV image matching

OpenCV VS2008 to do basic image processing image matching with SIFT algorithm works well...

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