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DSPACK source code

DSPACK source, containing package,source and development needs based on DirectShow video components...

Android source OpenCv motion detection

This procedure must first camera calibration, access to reference, and distortion coefficient matrices, and bird's eye view of transformation according to the method of learning OpenCV. Including executable programs and source code...

Qt face detection

First based on OpenCV face detect QT needs building OpenCV on Windows environment development environment configured in the Qt OpenCV environment available on Linux platforms only need to transplant the past OpenCV based face detection QT realized first of all need to build OpenCV on Windows environ...

With Kinect v2.0+ VS2012+openCV2.4.9, the Kinect v2.0 frame buffer depth to openCV2.4.9, and outputs it to the specified folder

With Kinect v2.0+ VS2012+openCV2.4.9, Kinect v2.0 frame buffer depth to the openCV2.4.9 format type of image functions (Mat image), and will get kinect v2.0 depth image output to folder for safekeeping. here comes to Kinect V2.0 open, depth data acquisition, data formatting, and integration with ope...

Graph-cut algorithmic design

Image segmentation method for graph-cut containing relevant documentation and source code. This algorithm uses the max-flow min-cut method to find the optimal path optimal path refers to the weights of the edges and is the smallest, that is, to find the shortest path....

Opencv and MFC image processing

A variety of image processing including preprocessing and segmentation using OpenCV and the VC environment, the preparation of a MFC application framework...

Read raw files into OpenCV Mat class

Use QT environment, you can modify, read the raw files, conversion to opencv of Mat class. void readRaw (char * name, Mat dst) This function is mainly used to take to read the raw files, and converted into Mat classes.void writeRaw (char * name, Mat & src) This function is mainly Mat class will...

Dicom information gets read and DicomImageViewerCode

Dicom information gets read and DicomImageViewerCodeForeigner to write the code to read Dicom, suitable for study and research....

OpenCV plane calibration method

Zhengyou Zhang programs through research plane calibration, using OpenCV programming, realization of stereo camera calibration, by comparison with MATLAB calibration experiments almost uniformly. Plane template users to only photographed from different angles to get enough pictures, replace the pict...

Multi-focus image fusion based shearlet transform

Shearlet decomposition transformation to focusing and medicine images will be resolved into absolute max of the high frequency of fusion rules, the resulting coefficients using rules for regional energy integration and regional weights were fused to shearlet after inverse transform to get fusion ima...

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