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Color tracking

Application background You may have video of your motion. This program detects joints using colored markers and calculate the angle from shoulder->elbow->wrist. and its velocity. You can see only skeleton or full video. And you can control the playing speed and see the trac...

Kinect and serial port tracking

Application background This program gets information from Kinect. You can get Skeleton Image by using This program and get angles, positions, angle velocities, Torques of left and right side of human body. It logs the data every 500ms. It reads Force and Gyros Sensor from Serial...

Image two dimensional convolution

Application backgroundInput an image and approriate matrix you can make your own image processing tool : Blurring,edge detectionKey Technologythe key technology is you calculate it base on a filter matrix . ...

Expanding source code

Application background This project is to dilate image. I developed this project with c#(unused opencv).      Key Technology I calculate pixel operation for this project. The method for erosion is to similar with this....


Application background It is necessary to mix the fragments pictures (mixing random order), and then place the pieces in their places. To do this, press the left mouse button and hold it, drag the fragment in its place. When you release the pieces of the "source" and "target" are exchanged. After...

image enhancement techniques

all the image enhancement techniques have been included in this paticular project....

Parametric Wiener Filter

i try to solve the fourth quastions of chapter5 of Parametric Wiener Filter (a) Implement a blurring filter as in Eq. (5.6-11). (b) Blur image 5.26(a) in the +45-degree direction using T = 1, as in Fig. 5.26(b). (c) Add Gaussian noise of 0 mean and va...

Image watermarking using DWT-SVD

Image watermarking recently has gained more research interest. We have different types of image watermarking techniques. Here in this code I did image watermarking using DWT along with SVD....


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