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VS2005+OpenCV implementation Chinese characters recognition function

Procedure is to verify that the image processing algorithms, mainly for printed Chinese character recognition method to do a more in-depth study to study and discuss the line cutting, and cutting of printed Chinese characters, were also studied by BP neural network recognition method of Chinese char...

Collecting 3D points clouds with kinect in C#

This program changes a lot based on the Mircrofot's example code, It can extract deep information and store the collected cloud data into three files , easy to be further processed. ...

Delphi cutting the image dynamically drag the cut box to change the size of the image

Application background  Delphi; image cutting program and source code     support for the mouse to drag the selected regionKey TechnologyThe Delphi comes with  , which can be used to cut the image feature, and support dynamic drag to change the size of the cutting frame....

Image mosaic based on GDAL and opencv

Application backgroundThe application of UAV is more and more widely, especially in the field of photogrammetry, the use of UAV to obtain the normal shot is the national survey and mapping, land survey departments of conventional means, this program uses GDAL to carry out a positive image mosaic, ge...

FCM, FCM_S, GFCM, KFCM, KGFCM source code and examples

Application backgroundResource contains fuzzy C mean algorithm (FCM) and its improved algorithm FCM_S, GFCM, KFCM, matlab KGFCM original function and sample program, can be used for image segmentation and other classification problems...

ITK, VTK, Qt mixed programming, read the two-dimensional images and mouse movement on the display qvtkwidget and qvtkwidget get coordinates

Based on the Qt interface, using ITK to read two-dimensional images, displayed on qvtkwidget with VTK, ITK is read ImageFileReader, ImageToVTKImageFilter treats ITK into VTK data, and then use vtkImageviewer to display images; Dynamic method to get the mouse using a vtkEventQtSlotConnect class that...

SLAM using matlab for mobile robot

Professor Salvi provides third party MATLAB SLAM toolbox: Matlab Toolbox of Kalman Filtering: applied to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Vehicle moving in 1D, 2D and 3D...



Lane detection

Proposed Applies a new lane detection for autonomous driving system ---- based on an improved least square fitting of lane detection. Algorithm first camera capture frame images, interception of gray-scale transformation in the lower half with interest, be a grayscale image, followed by high-pass fi...

Combined camshift and Kalman

The camshift shortcomings, advantages of using Kalman, predict later withered camshift, keeps track of the target, which makes tracking camshift works well...

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