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Graph-cut algorithmic design

Image segmentation method for graph-cut containing relevant documentation and source code. This algorithm uses the max-flow min-cut method to find the optimal path optimal path refers to the weights of the edges and is the smallest, that is, to find the shortest path....

Tensor voting method

Using tensor voting methods to extract rocker characteristics of objects in images, mainly for extraction of the contours of the building perimeter. Details of this in big data analysis local plays an active role...

OCR recognition VS2005

Handwritten character recognition system based on OpenCV main reference article: basically configured according to somebody else's code, after the small change a few parameters, write a document, so as to facilitate learning....

MATLAB image processing source files

Example explanation book supporting MATLAB image processing source code. That will help you quickly learn about MATLAB.15 chapters over a total of more than 200 documents, basically contains all MATLAB from entry to the practical content is a good helper for the novice to learn MATLAB....

Camshift target tracking

camshift target tracking, target tracking, and the target window is adjusted according to the size of the target tracking, tracking better, no bug, is I do experiments to write code....

OpenCV plane calibration method

Zhengyou Zhang programs through research plane calibration, using OpenCV programming, realization of stereo camera calibration, by comparison with MATLAB calibration experiments almost uniformly. Plane template users to only photographed from different angles to get enough pictures, replace the pict...

Multi-focus image fusion based shearlet transform

Shearlet decomposition transformation to focusing and medicine images will be resolved into absolute max of the high frequency of fusion rules, the resulting coefficients using rules for regional energy integration and regional weights were fused to shearlet after inverse transform to get fusion ima...

USB camera Dx9 SDK development engineering

Built this project directly calling Windows DirectShow controls USB camera video capture, recording, can be run directly, suits the study reference and foundation engineering building....

MATLAB fingerprint identification

Using MATLAB to realize the fingerprint   handles the input fingerprint images,-finger recognising bmp format image in MATLAB...

Using binocular vision draw coordinates

Procedure is to calibrate the camera first, and that disparity map and coordinates using disparity maps drawn. the code has the detailed annotation, each step is perfect, can use logging...

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