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Digital Identification System

Instructions for use: The first step: training network. Using the training samples for training. (This program may not training because I have to save up the trained network parameters, when the reader can be used in direct recognition) Step Two: Identify.   First, open the image...

Template matching recognition

1、 Printing digital recognition module matches, 2、 Recognition is through the picture " bmp ”格式 3、 Recognition results in result Displayed in the 4、 Open a workspace, press F5 You can run the program 5、 Which files can be recognized by their own chang...

stereo matching code

This is a stereo matching full code under MATLAB, comes from a University abroad routine contains detailed. m file and cross compiling cpp and h files, suitable for carefully studying specific algorithms...

Facial gender recognition

Facial gender recognition, use the LGBP,LDA,SVM method. Using a new method of image texture description —— 局部 Gabor Transform sequence histogram (LGBPHS) , Gabor Local binary mapping 特征 Due to the combination of local binary patterns, spatial information, and Gabor Wavelet amplitude in...

Vehicle "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB

Vehicle "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB Vehicle "highway...

OpenCV image matching

OpenCV VS2008 to do basic image processing image matching with SIFT algorithm works well...

ASM for face recognition

For people face detection of people face samples prepared, usually needs manual from image in the interception people face regional, to program robustness of consider, generated of people face samples needs also to has must angle of rotating; on based on statistics training of image automatically ca...

WS2811 RGB LED control codes

C51 compilation WS2811 RGB Chip control, using Winbond W79E825 microcontroller, achieve breathing light, flashing function. other controlled RGB LED chip can also be used as a reference code, such as WS2812,WS2812B and so on....

Based on VC + ranging

This program and the camera will measure the distance ahead, was a very good distance measurement tool-With the procedures and camera can detect obstacles in front of the distance is a good distance tool...

Facial expression recognition based on OpenCV

Facial expression recognition based on OpenCV, using a SVM classification method. SVM can be summarized into two points it is linearly separable analysis and for linearly nonseparable cases, by using a nonlinear mapping algorithm for low-dimensional input space linearly inseparable samples into a hi...

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