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Combined camshift and Kalman

The camshift shortcomings, advantages of using Kalman, predict later withered camshift, keeps track of the target, which makes tracking camshift works well...

Vehicle detection based on VC++

Vehicle Detection: a recognition of the vehicle contour, and that the vehicle contour 2 shows the relative speed of the vehicle, after testing, the actual available....

Camshift target tracking

camshift target tracking, target tracking, and the target window is adjusted according to the size of the target tracking, tracking better, no bug, is I do experiments to write code....

C++ human face detection and location

C++ implementation of face detection and recognition functions, mainly using HOG feature-based face detection, neural network learning algorithm based on training data to achieve the facial feature detection and localization features of the site. Code contains the entire project, you can run, well,...

Enhanced particle filter multi-target tracking

Tracking non rigid objects with different number of two main issues.Firstly, the distribution of observation model and target may beThe degree of nonlinearity and non Gauss. Second, a large number ofdifferent number of objects exist to...

Background subtraction method to detect moving target, marking different connected components, and the histogram for each connected region, through histogram comparison to track specific goals

Opencv2.4.9+VS2010, using frame between difference method or background difference method detection out movement target, on different of connected regional do mark, and obtained each connected regional of histogram, through histogram compared to track specific target, also can with in traffic statis...

Meanshift combines color and texture to track target

Application backgroundMeanshift is first proposed by Comaniciu, is a kind of algorithm for tracking non rigid objects. In order to characterize the object, we need to select a feature space. The reference target is represented by the probability density function Q in the feature space, for example,...

ASM for face recognition

For people face detection of people face samples prepared, usually needs manual from image in the interception people face regional, to program robustness of consider, generated of people face samples needs also to has must angle of rotating; on based on statistics training of image automatically ca...

Based on VC + ranging

This program and the camera will measure the distance ahead, was a very good distance measurement tool-With the procedures and camera can detect obstacles in front of the distance is a good distance tool...

MATLAB image mosaic program

Which contains a couple of m files, basically a comment ... Very easy to understand, and add the parameters can be modified to suit your needs. Can be used as a reference for graduation. But to choose their own pictures to note, try not to select the whole picture is same color...

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