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Digital identification C++

Through the photographs in the digital image processing operations, sport BP neural networks identification number in the image...

Template matching target recognition

Application backgroundTemplate matching is the basis of object recognition, and the region of the maximum gray level of the object is detected in the target image....

Gender identification based on Gabor+PCA+SVM (1)

Application backgroundResource description (VS2010+openCV2.4.11)  Gabor+PCA+SVM based gender identification of a total of three procedures: 1 image preprocessing, extraction of human face from the face database, to prepare for the extraction of features; 2) using Gabor for feature extraction, a...

Moving target tracking

Real-time object tracking based on camshift, direction histogram based on moving target accurately tracking of moving targets...

The face detection feature extraction

Face detection based on VC++6.0 programs, MFC dialog implementation, contains 2 types of facial region detection method, and face after the region feature extraction of nose, eyes and mouth...

Efficient DCT-Domain Blind Measurement and Reduction of Blocking Artifacts

Compression standard using DCT block of the image or video stream, blocking is a serious problem and, therefore, can effectively detect and remove blocking artifacts became the focus of attention. Based on this, proposes a DCT-domain blind measuring blockiness and deblocking algorithm, estimation mo...

Artifacts of CT image reconstruction-removal grids

Works in the source package "vc project" folder, for MFC project....

face detection

Face recognition based on OpenCV, fast calculation of Haar-like can detect faces and eyes. The corresponding opencv2.0 function, visualstdio2010 programming. Face and eye can detect multiple people....

tracking using kalman filter

use for tracking moving targets example, with detailed documentation..kalman filter is the main function of target tracking, procedures for the use of a Kalman filter to achieve the right track moving targets...

Detection of tampered region in Digital Image

Digital images are easy to manipulate and edit due to availability of powerful image processingand editing software. Nowadays, it is possible to add or remove important features from an imagewithout leaving any obvious traces of tampering. As digital cameras and video cameras replacetheir analog cou...

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