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Using binocular vision draw coordinates

Procedure is to calibrate the camera first, and that disparity map and coordinates using disparity maps drawn. the code has the detailed annotation, each step is perfect, can use logging...

computer vision

computer vision based on vs2010+openCV2.4.5get the 10 pairs of images to calculate the more determined parameter of the cameras, including the focal length, the rotation and transition, and recalculate the points to a 3-D world.with some pixels error, but good at almost the whole sampled pictur...

Digital identification C++

Through the photographs in the digital image processing operations, sport BP neural networks identification number in the image...

Dark channel mist method based on c++ source code

Based on dark channel prior to the mist algorithm works well, contains the complete source code for the program, together with experimental results. Can be successfully compiled and run faster. Implemented using Opencv with C++ language....

Simulation in the base station and user efficiency


Moving target tracking

Real-time object tracking based on camshift, direction histogram based on moving target accurately tracking of moving targets...

Image segmentation based on genetic algorithm and neural network

Classification of genetic algorithm and neural network in features, has a very wide range of applications. Through learning, through the classification and characteristics of a particular object. Put in the image above, focuses on a specific type of image segmentation....

Artifacts of CT image reconstruction-removal grids

Works in the source package "vc project" folder, for MFC project....

A hand-controlled slide show program

A hand-controlled slide show program to achieve the slide forward, back, and other functions. High recognition rates, based on c # programming using Microsoft kinect SDK. Gesture recognition is a learning program to get started....

Trailing vehicle detection

Algorithm uses the camshift track, realized the trailing vehicle detection and tracking algorithm for vehicles under certain environmental goals to achieve good results...

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