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Digital identification C++

Through the photographs in the digital image processing operations, sport BP neural networks identification number in the image...

Image edge detection

C ++ code, source code can be run in VC6.0 environment successfully achieve a gray-scale image edge detection function, the code using two different algorithms of edge detection function. Class-based code, the code has been validated, guaranteed to run....

Acquisition card Face facts

Can be handled directly gets USB camera video, video stream grabber can also read human face recognition using VC++6.0 and opencv1.0, hikvision acquisition cards...

Dimensionality reduction toolkit

Toolbox includes 34 species of dimensionality reduction techniques, including-Principal Component Analysis (\'PCA\')---principal component analysis-Linear Discriminant Analysis (\'LDA\')---linear discriminant analysis-Multidimensional Scaling (\'MDS\')---a multidimensional scaling analysisThese can...

Image fusion

The image fusion opencv program poisson image editting achieve and mkl solving linear equations....

Transductive semi-supervised support vector machines

TSVM learning outcomes contained in the test samples of data. After study, TSVM will produce a classification function, namely the optimal separating hyperplane. After the test samples were processed by TSVM classifier, and then by the intrusion detection system based on classification results to de...

Based on gradient, edge and corner information improved AAM facial feature point locating

Code of my graduation thesis, based on gradient, edge and corner AAM algorithm builds the texture models, results show that, when the model is constructed with a variety of ways the texture matching accuracy and speed have improved...

Picture contrast program

Application backgroundCan be used for the comparison of two pictures. To judge whether the same or different.Key TechnologyScan the entire image, and then obtain the value of each pixel, and then compare...

Particle filter tracking program based on HSV color space

Application backgroundMainly used for single target tracking, based on the HSV color space, the sensitivity of the change of low sensitivity.Key TechnologySingle object tracking based on particle filter in RGB color space is improved. All code has notes, easy to understand....

Vehicle detection and tracking

Application backgroundVehicle detection method for moving object detection and vehicle tracking using CAMSHIFT algorithm...

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