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K-NN movie recommendation

Application background#coding:utf8Numpy as NP importSklearn import neighbors fromCSV import"" "" "which reads from the file and yields a Function generator"""OriginReader = csv.reader (file ("C:\Users\uuuu\Desktop\movie\u2.csv",'rb'))List2 = []Line2 in originReader: for        Li...

File upload SmartUpload

Application backgroundThis code is based on Oracle database file upload function, to achieve the employee information function, because the employee information pictures show the functional requirements, through the file upload function to achieve information input function. The code contains a SQL...

Essay template Latex

Application backgroundFor LaTeX paper writing, the use of Tex language, with a description of the internal, in the Latex can be compiled to generate PDF for modification and viewing. But does not include Chinese character package, such as the use of Chinese characters in the package, you need to add...

VB file retrieval process, support according to the suffix search, file content matching

Application backgroundVB file retrieval program, support according to the suffix search file, search content and file content matching search for the appropriate file, suitable for a large number of code files to find the characteristics of the statement. Software running effect diagram:. File retri...


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