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A Shifting Strategy for Dynamic Channel Assignment

In this work, a new algorithm for dynamic channel assignment (DCA) in cellular networks is pre-sented. The ability to adaptively distribute channel resources in response to heterogeneous demandand interference, while maintaining spectral eciency, are important considerations for multimediawireless...

segmentation based text compreesion

Digital image compression technology is of special interest for the fast transmission and real-time processing of digital image information on the internet.  Although still image compression is a technique developed for a long time, plus there are several approaches which reduce the compress...

Excel sheet reader and writer code computed by VB

This is the Excel sheet reader and writer code written in VB. Welcome to download and use.  Thank you very much for your support. ...

ZCS converter

This files includes matlab model for ZCS. model is simulated using ZCS topology. It is based on resonant converter...

The QT text editor

Learn Qt for two months, a specially made The text editor , Though a little BUG, but the basic functionality is implemented, you can bring it to Qt for beginners learning to learn...

STC header file

It was STC's header files, happens to own use, began to preach about it. We want to help!...


Supercopier 3 is like the normal version. It's just here to support the development of this software. Try before if the free version is good for you before buy. No money back.Supercopier in all version is shipped without warranty (0% of warranty). Only the stable version hav...

Excel general import design source

Sometimes in our data is stored in Excel (especially for users who prefer to use Excel to collect some data), these data and systems need to deal with other business, so at this point we need to import the data into the database. But given the variety of styles of Excel and therefore must be written...

Engineering Physics Question Bank

Engineering Physics Question Bank. Important questions with answers. its contain with anna university syllabus 2013...

H.264 encoder using OpenCL

Application backgroundH.264 total encoder design using c++ and opencl librarires Key Technologyvideo compression for HD videos with low complexity...

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