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Parking management system

Application backgroundThe current systems of paid parking lots in cities involves the cars arriving at the parking lot and waiting for their turn to enter the parking lot. The operator at the parking lot manually make note  of the car details and allows the cars inside where the owners park...

Probabilistic latent semantic analysis of MATLAB

Application backgroundProbabilistic latent semantic analysis(PLSA), also known as probabilistic latent semantic indexing (PLSI, especially in information retrieval circles) is a statistical technique for the analysis of two-mode and co-occurrence data.Key TechnologyMATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a mu...

Naive Bayesian classifier

Application background Naïve Bayes Classifier: The Naive Bayes classifier is a probabilistic classifier. We compute the probability of a document d being in a class c as follows:  P(c|d) ∝ P(c) Y 1≤k≤nd P(tk |c) nd is the length of the document. (number of to...

Converting File of any Format into Hexadecimal Format(C++)

I found the code before. You may input a file in any format to output the file data in  hexadecimal format.The  data is separated by comma, every16 –byte a line....

Shared writing shell and shell in c language source code

Shell program written in C language source code and packers, fully supports Win7, added some meaningless junk code, but also a function of the shell program machine code encrypted...

PE file parsing

Application backgroundParse the EXE DLL PE file structure, including whether PE file & nbsp; resource import table table & nbsp; export table relocation table the directory table & nbsp; PE file basic information portal point size sections ofKey TechnologyThe structure of the PE file is parsed by th...

VB operation database

Application backgroundUse VB to read content in the database, and manipulate data using VB. Main function is to implement the database reads and writes. VB is helpful for novice learningKey TechnologyThe key technology is the operation of the SQL database VB. Just a very simple introduction to the k...

Delphi Notepad to create the dynamic control and event generation, the rapid generation of serial number, date, random characters, etc.

Application background  Delphi; Windows    ; dynamic creation of controls and events, all functions of Windows  , including source code and real columnKey TechnologySupport to generate characters, such as: date, serial number, random characters, password, etc., support batch of new...

CFD Steady State temperature diffusion

This  contains a program for steady state temperature diffusion....


Transformers. ♦ Induction motors. ♦ Synchronous machines. ♦ Motor starting and protection. ♦ Motor speed control and dynamics. ♦ Fractional horsepower motors....

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