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Vb convert unicode

convert Unicode to VNI, TCVN, more ... .. ... . .. . . ....

File explorer with copy and paste function using Microsoft Visual Studio C#

The code is to create a simple file explorer GUI using Microsoft Visual Studio. The file explorer uses the inherent classes of Visual studio, and performs simple file management operations such as copy, paste, rename and delete functions....



A company classic ASP product display source code

A very good source code of company products. Product list and the admin are very reasonable. Easy to manage and provides bilingual support....

Marr Hildreth edge detector

In computer vision, the Marr–Hildreth algorithm is a method of detecting edges in digital images, that is, continuous curves where there are strong and rapid variations in image brightness. The Marr–Hildreth edge detection method is simple and operates by convolving...

Php bookstore

PHP BookstoreThis was a semester long project for my Server-Side programming class. We had to design and develop a (almost) fully functional bookstore that was capable of creating new accounts, sign in/sign out functioning, and adding books to a shopping cart....

For beginners, file manipulation, simple student grade scores for C++ development system

In C++, exercise classes, templates, related knowledge, full understanding of object-oriented designed a convenient grade performance management system, for use by students, teachers, Office managers. Let us take what we need, students learn more about their specific information, teachers across the...

LCD stimulate

basic LCD stimulate C programming, a structure demo shows how to design a LCD sample....

Notepad++ plugin

This add-on Pack includes frequently used Notepad spreads, there are 16 binary conversion, theme, (I don't like the black background theme), exported as Word document (RFT) or Web page (HTML) Document Explorer: Explorer brackets auto-completion plugin displays a list of functions: Function List...

Channel Estimation

The Channel estimation for orthogonal frequency multiplexing has to be done before the detection of the transmitted signalsto obtain the reasonable performance .For Channel estimation pilot symbols usually inserted at the transmitter...

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