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Use regular expressions to extract text content

VB code using a text or regular expression to match the contents of a text file to extract, extracted into many segments fit expression can be specified separated by a symbol displayed. Note that after establishing a VB project, reference the RegExp.tlb file only supports regular expressions....

4 digit LCD interface to PIC

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////*Project 016 - interface for 4 digit LCD moduleCCS compiler by Michel Bavin (c) September , 2004. --- --- ---  ... enjoy...

16f 84 pic servo controller 8 servo

 LIST   P=PIC16F84, R=DEC #INCLUDE "";------------------------------------------------------------------------------; ASSEMBLE With MPASM. available for free from;-----------------------------------------------------------------------------...

VC action Word examples

Compressed package has six small programs, the Word has different actions respectively, such as open, close, create, enter content into the Word, read the Word in the content (text)...

Delphi boot management program

Delphi to write small program to check startup items, available through the registry's operation, followed by testing all the registry key values under the branch running the project startup, and listed these contents support allows users to delete this item. The extensibility of the procedure or ha...

Documen 89c51 peripherals

Experiment design uses 80C51 microcontroller interface to the peripherals: LCD, ADC0809, RTC DS12887 and HEX keypad.Automatic control , and today there are so many applications in manufacturing and life . From the MOY , DOY production until the serving utensils activities such as washing Moy , the f...

Zlib compression library

Mainly deal with file compression, such as gz file, tar.gz files, RAR files, various compressed file formats such as zip file extract and compress the source files into the corresponding files in compressed format. Main is written in the c++ programming language, using the zlib compression library,...

Listas doblemente enlazadas

This is an example of how to create a dobuble linked list in C language. It uses structures with 3 fields to create the double link....

FileMon Source Code In C++

File Monitoring Source Code For win9x,win NT,win EXP.This code is useful for API Monitoring Learning and Development.You Can Use it as first API Monitoring Project Because it use the simplest method to do that....

SE_ST7920 LCD Atmega8 Code

Sample for a LCD with ST7920 with a Atmega8. With Font Header File . Work fine. Please test with 5Volt only....

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