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Great wisdom-wire data interface

Analysis of great wisdom of local data structure Read the wisdom local daily data file, Read the great wisdom the stock ex-dividend information...

Open source DXF file processing library

size:16px;">很多开发人员和地理信息系统 (GIS) 专家一直无法使用 Drawing Interchange Format (DXF) 格式的文件。这些 AutoCAD 格式的文件通常需要安装了 Windows® 和 AutoCAD 才能打开。借助便捷的开源库 dxfLib,您的应用程序就可以读取任何...

Delphi calling DLL

size:14px;line-height:20.0200004577637px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">Software development Delphi 编程 DELPHI In the dynamic Calling DLL...

Secondary development of Visio files based on VC

Secondary development of Visio files based on VC. For example, Visio vsd 2013 storage format files, you need to extract the contents of the file, uses the code at this point. Information can be easily extracted for each module. Download easy learning...

Wiley Credit Risk Modeling using Excel and VBA Jun 2007

space:nowrap;">前言十一 十三、 排除一些提示 与 Logit 1 1 估计信用评分 连接分数、 违约概率和观察到的默认行为 1 估算 logit 系数在 Excel 4 在模型估计 8 后计算统计数据 解释回归统计 10 预测和应用场景分析 13 在输入变量 15...

Excel general import design source

height:25px;margin:10px auto;color:#333333;font-family:Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, sans-serif;font-size:14px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">有时候我们的数据存放在Excel中(特别是对于用户来说更喜欢使用Excel收集一些常用数据),而系统又需...

Parking management system

Application backgroundThe current systems of paid parking lots in cities involves the cars arriving at the parking lot and waiting for their turn to enter the parking lot. The operator at the parking lot manually make note  of the car details and allows the cars inside where the owners park...

Off models OBJ models the interaction of

In many cases, you need to convert a different file formats we need to file, or other software may need such a file and the other files required for programs that require programming. This program requires off obj files need to be converted....

File explorer with copy and paste function using Microsoft Visual Studio C#

The code is to create a simple file explorer GUI using Microsoft Visual Studio. The file explorer uses the inherent classes of Visual studio, and performs simple file management operations such as copy, paste, rename and delete functions....

Python code and statistics tools

click executionIf a parameter is the directory name you want to analyze,After the second parameter of the parameter is the list of files or directories to exclude directory has spaces you need to use quotation marks...


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