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Deblurring an image

I have added blurness to the image and i deblurred the image by using the following code. I hope you like it...!...

segmentation based text compreesion

align:justify;"> 数字图像压缩技术是为快速传输和实时处理的数字图像信息在互联网上特别感兴趣。虽然仍然图像压缩是一种技术开发了很长时间,再加上有几种方法的压缩率降低,并加速计算时间,有还有很多要去改善的压缩...

ZCS converter

This files includes matlab model for ZCS. model is simulated using ZCS topology. It is based on resonant converter...

Digital CMOS VLSI Design Approach

size:14px;">这解释数字 CMOS VLSI 设计方法中的全部细节。它描述了数字 CMOS 集成电路和细节设计方面。A 必须为研究生。...


Supercopier 3 is like the normal version. It's just here to support the development of this software. Try before if the free version is good for you before buy. No money back.Supercopier in all version is shipped without warranty (0% of warranty). Only the stable version hav...


Transformers. ♦ Induction motors. ♦ Synchronous machines. ♦ Motor starting and protection. ♦ Motor speed control and dynamics. ♦ Fractional horsepower motors....

a program for tanck

it is a program for tanck with C++ language. it is good for students. this is a game that wrote with C++ language. enjoy it.......

Digital Frequency Meter

Digital Frequency Meter Programmer: Behnam Zakizadeh License: This Is A Free Firmware, Ver: 1.00...

Leitura e Escrita em arquivos com C#

Um exemplo de leitura e gravação de arquivo em C#. Projeto para programadores iniciantes. ...

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