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LAS file read of Laser Radar

Laser radar reading LAS files , can implement reading LAS1.0 life,  getting ready for the next step further processing point clouds...

CMarkUP latest version 11.5

The most famous one VC ++ external class, Cmarkup, now out of the latest version 11.5, and now the online version is 6.1 or less, I hope this new version for your help, some phase development of the VC VML friends do not miss -one of the most famous VC external categories, Cmarkup, now out of the la...

Read the txt file and displays

Read the TXT file, Richbox read the txt file to display controls. Identifiable data in multiple formats....

Deblurring an image

I have added blurness to the image and i deblurred the image by using the following code. I hope you like it...!...

Composite damage

the umat is used to analysis the composite in 2D, which based on ABAQUS. Fibre metal laminates are increasingly used as skin material in modern aircraft design. FMLs consist of aluminium sheets covering the front and the back and, between them, alternating fibre layers of unidirectional glass f...

XML reader (can read configuration files in XML format)

Manipulating XML documents.(1) primarily intended for application configuration.(2) the XML document referenced by the variable "XmlDocPtr" to perform advanced operations....

simulation move vanet

Wireless simulation MOVE, #  for vehicular ad hoc networks.Many Maps are used...

A Shifting Strategy for Dynamic Channel Assignment

In this work, a new algorithm for dynamic channel assignment (DCA) in cellular networks is pre-sented. The ability to adaptively distribute channel resources in response to heterogeneous demandand interference, while maintaining spectral eciency, are important considerations for multimediawireless...

Excel sheet reader and writer code computed by VB

This is the Excel sheet reader and writer code written in VB. Welcome to download and use.  Thank you very much for your support. ...

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