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Engineering Physics Question Bank

Engineering Physics Question Bank. Important questions with answers. its contain with anna university syllabus 2013...

a program for tanck

it is a program for tanck with C++ language. it is good for students. this is a game that wrote with C++ language. enjoy it.......

Mean Shift

Mean shift is a procedure for locating the maxima of a density function given discrete data sampled from that function. It is useful for detecting the modes of this density.[1] This is an iterative method, and we start with an initial estimate...

Soil particle size conversion program

Soil particle size converter: Matlab-based soil particle size by the international system to the United States conversion of cubic spline interpolation program code...

Drop Down based on Make My trip

A simple Drop down based on make my trip, which is collapsible on key down and give suggestions of data in the drop down...

aodv protocol

              #=========================================================             # Define options            ...

LCD stimulate

basic LCD stimulate C programming, a structure demo shows how to design a LCD sample....

VC action Word examples

Compressed package has six small programs, the Word has different actions respectively, such as open, close, create, enter content into the Word, read the Word in the content (text)...

Listas doblemente enlazadas

This is an example of how to create a dobuble linked list in C language. It uses structures with 3 fields to create the double link....

SE_ST7920 LCD Atmega8 Code

Sample for a LCD with ST7920 with a Atmega8. With Font Header File . Work fine. Please test with 5Volt only....

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