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a program for tanck

it is a program for tanck with C++ language. it is good for students. this is a game that wrote with C++ language. enjoy it.......

Mean Shift

Mean shift is a procedure for locating the maxima of a density function given discrete data sampled from that function. It is useful for detecting the modes of this density.[1] This is an iterative method, and we start with an initial estimate...


Application background 1 Proceso Numeros_Pares_Impares  2cont<-c  3numpar<-0  4numimpar<-0  5prodpar<-1  6prodimpar<-1  7Escribir "digite la cantidad de numeros a evaluar"  8Leer c  9Mientras cont<c Hacer  10Escribir "in...

Introduction to Matlab II

It is introduction to matlab, to describe how get starting with matlab work space, and what is the functions that active, some applications such as: summations, graphs with two dimensions, graphs three dimensions, and other a lot  of applications that represent step on road of pr...


The analog to digital conversion properties of the PCM was investigated in the last experiment The “start” bit and the 7 data bits and two “stop” bits were identified. It was also found that if  the parity switch is on, then the 1st stop bit is changed to an even parity bit. That...

Infix Calculator

This is an infix calculator. It calculates the value of an infix expression directly, without converting it from postfix of prefix to infix....

Fun Control code

This is the most useful  fan speed control with Lcd panel. We finished this project when we study electric and electrical engineering in third class. This project given us for homework and we finished very well....

Movie Studios Annual Gross List

Basic source code for C++ beginnersCode will help teach first time users about class, templates, and list...


We are going to simulate a very simple 2-node wireless scenario.The topology consists of two mobilenodes, node_(0) and node_(1). The mobilenodes move about within an area whose boundary is defined in thisexample as 500mX500m. The nodes start out initially at two oppositeends of the boundary. Then th...


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