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LAS file read of Laser Radar

space:nowrap;">激光雷达LAS文件读取 可以实现LAS1.0的读取,为下一步进一步处理点云做准备...

AD9226 fpga code

height:1.5;font-size:14px;">Ad9226 产品 65msps 率的 ADC 模拟设备 低功耗: 59mW, 100 mW,和 250mW 单 5 V 电源供电 积分非线性误差: 0.5 LSB 微分非线性误差: 0.3 LSB 输入所指的噪声: 0.09 LSB 完成片上采样保持放大器和 基准电压源...

CMarkUP latest version 11.5

one of the most famous VC external categories, Cmarkup, now out of the latest version 8.2. Now online are below the 6.1 version, I hope this new right will be helpful. Some compared with VC VML friend Do not miss...

Read the txt file and displays

Read the TXT file, Richbox read the txt file to display controls. Identifiable data in multiple formats....

Dos version of merge file split

space:nowrap;">该程序可实现文件的分割合并,可将任意格式的文件分割成设定的大小,并且可将任意格式文件块合并成原文件。 分割程序中,写定待分割文件地址和分割后文件存放地址以及文件需分割出的大小,则分割程序可以...

Deblurring an image

I have added blurness to the image and i deblurred the image by using the following code. I hope you like it...!...

Composite damage

the umat is used to analysis the composite in 2D, which based on ABAQUS. Fibre metal laminates are increasingly used as skin material in modern aircraft design. FMLs consist of aluminium sheets covering the front and the back and, between them, alternating fibre layers of unidirectional glass f...

XML reader (can read configuration files in XML format)

space:nowrap;">操作XML文档。 (1)主要用于保存应用程序配置。                                                               &n...

simulation move vanet

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px;">无线模拟移动,#车载Ad Hoc网络。很多地图使用...

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