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Delphi 另类压缩单元

利用Delphi自带的压缩和解压函数做了封装,方便调用。 可用作自动更新前压缩,更新后解压,或者缩短Socket传输时间等。...

nRF2401 Transceiver design

This contains schematic and pcb layout in eagle format for the design of NRF2401 Transceiver with antenna. This is useful for electronics designer who want to know how to create schematic and pcb layout for the transceiver. The antenna used here is a trace or microstrip antenna....

C + + Json serialization

Based on their own analysis jsoncpp realized json serialization, well used, it can quickly grasp using Json object serialization in c ++ Lane, code written very clearly, on their own projects where you can use...

Digital Frequency Meter

Digital Frequency Meter Programmer: Behnam Zakizadeh License: This Is A Free Firmware, Ver: 1.00...

Mean Shift

family:'Times New Roman';font-size:medium;line-height:normal;white-space:normal;">Mean shift is a procedure for locating the maxima of a density function given discrete data sampled from that function. It is useful for detecting the modes of this density.[1] This is an...

Leitura e Escrita em arquivos com C#

Um exemplo de leitura e gravação de arquivo em C#. Projeto para programadores iniciantes. ...

Image Grid using Jquery

browser" title="Cross-browser">跨浏览器) JavaScript 库旨在简化客户端脚本的HTML。[2]它被发布了 2006 年 1 月在BarCamp NYC 由John Resig。它目前是由一组由 Dave Methvin 领导的开发人员开发。JQuery 使用超过 65%的 10000 个访问量最高,今天是网站...

Filters implementation dor digital image processing in matleb

hwew are some of my filter implementation in matlab routines. these include hight pass filter low pass and laplacian filter. hope it iwll be usefull for beginners....

Off models OBJ models the interaction of

In many cases, you need to convert a different file formats we need to file, or other software may need such a file and the other files required for programs that require programming. This program requires off obj files need to be converted....

Finishing work with VBA energy report

0.97  则倒推出Sheet2.Range("E15") 的值。首先要将2005年数值、【去年数值】、【营运车辆运输周转量】、【本年上季度数值】  在表中填好!...

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