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Train ticket booking management system

Train ticket booking management system and can be used for learning, using the database is MySQL, languages are JSP, more suitable for beginners, which uses a factory pattern,...

Micro letter secondary public, open source PHP

Secondary app platform development, PHP-based framework. Frames have been made, and some basic functions. Can be realized with micro-slit-free connection....

SpringMVC+shiro+hibernate rights management integration


JSP springmvc online examination system

Exam++ is the first of a network examination system based on JAVA and MYSQL development. It can stably and smoothly on Windows and Linux platforms. You can quickly and easily create questions and questions, publish papers, organization of the examination, the system automatically corrected. A high d...

JqueryEasyUi+spring4+Mybatis source code

JqueryEasyUi+spring4+Mybatis source back-end rights management systems...

JSP online examination system

Online examination system written in JSP, for a beginner in Java and JSP, children's shoes, there is a great deal of help, from details to analyze and understand the coding, copy writing more meaningful programs, for experienced programmers and has great reference value,...

Ecshop imitation Jingdong Mall + mobile phone + super micro channel interface + + mobile WAP payment + personal visa free payment

Application backgroundNeed ECSHOP friends can download, mobile mall, micro channel mall, after debugging can be implemented, it is recommended to use the php5.3 environment, php+mysql platform. It is very easy to debug a bit program, especially ectouch.Key TechnologyEcshop imitation Jingdong Mall +...

Stock trading system

Application backgroundSoftware engineering foundation, the realization of a stock exchange client, the back-end using PHP to achieve. Can simulate the stock exchange, information query and other functionsKey TechnologyBased on the browser's system, the back-end uses php to achieve....

New generation OA office system

Application backgroundOA; 1.  network office systemKey Technology2.  customer relationship management system...

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