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Thinkphp3.1 show website

Using the THINKPHP3.1 framework to build the show website, using both front-end and back-end, WAMP 1. publishing feature articles, additions and deletions to the background to the article 2. Mall feature, you can increase the merchandise 3. image upload feature, can Home modify the picture is charac...

A simple shopping site developed in JSP

This is a simple shopping site developed in JSP, with the basic shopping process, including login, identity verification, purchase goods, add shopping cart, view shopping cart, submit orders and other functions.  It's is a good example for beginners....

About web questionnaire system

Quite simply a WEB questionnaire survey system, the database uses SQLsever2008, the front end is bootstrap and jQuery, there is login, registration, home. Add the questionnaire, participate in the questionnaire, quite simple, suitable for the novice...

Chess game website source code

Application backgroundA full set of chess game website source code, a good chess game program, 365 new world chess....

Php+mysql car wash management software

Application backgroundAn original simple car wash management software, including members of the simple management and maintenance, car wash project management, price list management, payment management, appointment, and car wash record.Do not use any framework. Pure native PHP code implementation....

The realization of online bookstore, you can do undergraduate course graduation design

Application backgroundUsing SSH framework, spring, hibernate, struts realize the function of online bookstore, the MySQL database connection, similar to Amazon Bookstore system. Customers choose their own books, and add it to the shopping cart, and then enter the checkout interface....

Online examination system

Online examination system based on JSP development. Can be used for high school or College, source code, and run it....

HTML5 mobile Web source

HTML5 mobile Web site, phone features, one-click Sharing features, enterprises, business site, static HTML code, it is entirely possible to learn or develop, master code after the test, I can touch the ease of use, and give you a more intense mobile phone experience....

SMS cat ASP development samples

<% ' Using the controls in the ASP considerations '1, alasunsmscon.ocx this to set the correct file permissions, setting "IUSR_ machine name" this user has execute permissions, otherwise it will complain "Server.CreateObject Access error". ' After the permissions have been set, need to restart...


Good online questionnaire system types of powerful rich radio (a variety of) multiple choice (multiple) text (multiple) array (multiple) values (text) input (number) types of changeable...

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