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Mall system source +APP source code

Application backgroundMall source with APP need to modify the data config DB file to modify the corresponding database   mall source code with APP need to modify the data config DB file to modify the corresponding database   mall source code with APP need to modify the data config DB file...

Shopping site shop--javaweb

Application backgroundShop shopping site framework, the specific page did not do a detailed implementation, but the framework is a good ride, login features, registration functions, product list, view product information, add a shopping cart, submit orders, to order evaluation, view orders, view sho...

PHP logistics company website source

Application backgroundInstallation condition:Development language: PHP5.0Database: MySQL 5Component: Zend (PHP5.3 ZendGuardLoader)System environment: Server Window or Linux Extension: MySQLiFunction: gzinflate       mcrypt_module_open      pfsockopen, socket_s...

The lost systems

ASP lost and found system, generous system, program files are very small, Access database, divided into subject plate and looking plate, login may publish information, browsing does not require registration, user login Panel features directly to each other little notes....

Simple online bookstore

The source code of a PHP online bookstore, and features a single, paid and unpaid,...

Scientific research management system

Using ASP.NET, or c # language and MS SQL Server design and development of a teaching and research achievements management system, users of the system are divided into:: Administrators (Scientific Secretary) and teachers in General, system privileges, and teacher input, modification...

Inventory management system based on JSP development

Main functions of inventory management system is mainly composed of "goods", "basic profile", "query", "system maintenance", and "help" module. After entering the system, users can on some basic information in the system to add, modify, and delete op...

10 sets of website background system management HTML templates

Several attractive background management system templates, CSS layouts, insert the JS code can be directly downloaded form 01 Web project, software project management interface 02 03, website background management system interface, system admin page. rar04, farmers ' rating system system HTML templa...

Struts_hibernate logistics warehousing inventory management system to do graduate design

1) basic information management module: Warehouse Manager provides an implementation of customer information, supplier information, warehouse information, manage employee information maintenance, including information query, add, modify and delete operations.2) Inventory Management Module: warehouse...

"The use of HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL HTML5 development of the game" source code

"The use of HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL HTML5 development of the game" source code...

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