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Online shopping system based on JSP+Servlet

Online shopping system based on JSP+Servlet, including register login add to cart, view cart, and see the ability to edit order....

Train ticket booking management system

Train ticket booking management system and can be used for learning, using the database is MySQL, languages are JSP, more suitable for beginners, which uses a factory pattern,...

JSP springmvc online examination system

Exam++ is the first of a network examination system based on JAVA and MYSQL development. It can stably and smoothly on Windows and Linux platforms. You can quickly and easily create questions and questions, publish papers, organization of the examination, the system automatically corrected. A high d...

Thinkphp3.1 show website

Using the THINKPHP3.1 framework to build the show website, using both front-end and back-end, WAMP 1. publishing feature articles, additions and deletions to the background to the article 2. Mall feature, you can increase the merchandise 3. image upload feature, can Home modify the picture is charac...

A simple shopping site developed in JSP

This is a simple shopping site developed in JSP, with the basic shopping process, including login, identity verification, purchase goods, add shopping cart, view shopping cart, submit orders and other functions.  It's is a good example for beginners....

Stock trading system

Application backgroundSoftware engineering foundation, the realization of a stock exchange client, the back-end using PHP to achieve. Can simulate the stock exchange, information query and other functionsKey TechnologyBased on the browser's system, the back-end uses php to achieve....

Mall system source +APP source code

Application backgroundMall source with APP need to modify the data config DB file to modify the corresponding database   mall source code with APP need to modify the data config DB file to modify the corresponding database   mall source code with APP need to modify the data config DB file...

Shopping site shop--javaweb

Application backgroundShop shopping site framework, the specific page did not do a detailed implementation, but the framework is a good ride, login features, registration functions, product list, view product information, add a shopping cart, submit orders, to order evaluation, view orders, view sho...

PHP logistics company website source

Application backgroundInstallation condition:Development language: PHP5.0Database: MySQL 5Component: Zend (PHP5.3 ZendGuardLoader)System environment: Server Window or Linux Extension: MySQLiFunction: gzinflate       mcrypt_module_open      pfsockopen, socket_s...

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