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space:normal;">(多种)  文本(多种) 阵列(多种) 数值(文本)输入(多种)   题型多变...

Write WEB in Delphi using IntraWeb control system


Effect of IE6~IE11-compatible JavaScript book (VML+HTML5)

This is a demo, the code has not been optimized, nor to be packaged very well, but it's already ready to use. Judder under chrome, there's cotton low versions of IE, of course, later version of IE here is very smooth....

A simple program based on SSH framework source code

This resource was produced in its own simple deletions to find out a spring-based framework MVC,spring, contains the database scripts. From which you can clearly see how to write a Spring MVC, more suitable for beginners...

Java Web Forum

family:Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;color:#666666;line-height:24px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">实现了论坛的注册,登录,发帖,回帖功能,管理员对整个论坛的维护功能。用的数据库是sql2008,适用于初学者的学习和理解 java web 。...

OA Office system

A company automated Office system,. NET development, functional and very well set Office system rationalization system platform to provide suggestions for employees....

ASP.net4.0 from entry to the master


Student Information System

Student’s Information System developed using PHP4 and MYSQL4 allows administrator to insert or edit student details. The process of retrieving the information is flexible, depending upon the requirement of the end user....

PHP car service

This project is a web management car service with database. Include , html , php and sql.It has add , delete , view feature.It records date , hour ....

Java implementation of OA Office system, email management module

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">OA办公系统-邮件管理模块是一个小型的练习项目,运用java开发语言,MyEclipse 6.5开发工具,MySQL数据库。 实现的功能是:对收件箱和发件箱中的邮件进行查询,删除,查看邮件详情和更改邮件已读/未读...

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