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Webimwebim online source

Webim webim online source of online source webim webim online source of online source webim webim online source of online source webim webim online source of online source webim webim online source of online source source webim webim online customer service online source...

JavaWeb Enterprise Portal Web site source code description, download available

indent:21.0pt;"> Enterprise Portal meets the enterprise through Web site front display enterprise software products, providing customers with solutions to problems require. Through the establishment of a Web site, better communication between enterprises and customers, enable the enterprise to und...

CJudgeMatrix ( construction of judgement matrix in AHP)

size:9px;">基 AHP judgment matrix building, 实现 Step one: determine the hierarchy, policy objectives, taking into account factors (decision criteria) and decisions on the relationship between them is divided into top, middle and bottom, draw a hierarchy diagram. Top: the purp...

SSH State power projects of system source code

Complete set including foreground, background, database of source code, is an example of learning J2SE programming is very good....

library management system--JavaWeb programming

Library management system using Struts 2+Spring+Hibernate technology. In the system, Struts 2 is used to display and request control section was finished, Spring is responsible for accessing the database, Hibernate is mainly acting as a data access layer component....

PHPCMS v9 called PHPExcel to read Excel

The source code is the use of Excel to read PHPCMS V9. Can do a PHPCMS module function, and this function is now directly read Excel contents of the machine, according to the second line and then upload the Excel content into MySql database. Now the data is mainly closing stock data....

Bus dispatch system

space:nowrap;">公交调度指挥管理系统     由遍布全市各交通要道的电子站亭采集到车辆行驶实时数据,然后传送到后台的信息处理中心计算,管理人员就可以了解整体交通状况。通过运用电子地图技术(GIS),可以直观的...

Node blog source code

WordPress using node, which has the essential elements of a blog. Architecture in conjunction with REDIS and mongoDb, REDIS cache hot pages, improve system responsiveness, mongoDb way of storage structures, making it natural for data storage node, this 2 fit together perfectly....

CGPA Calculator

family:arial, sans-serif;font-size:small;line-height:15.600000381469727px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> CGPA (累积平均绩点} 是所有学期你学过你 GPA 的累积聚合。通过采取使你学期平均绩点的总学分划分的总积分。GPA: 除以...

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