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Hospital appointment registration

The direction of computer network professional website, web, JSP technology development. SSH. The hospital appointment registration system. The graduation design....

SINA integration


high intelligent cut for packet classification

it's a high intelligent cuts for packet classificationand, it is a decision tree based algorithmthis scheme will divide the rule set into many group to improve performance of search time...

Inventory management


Student achievement management system

Student achievement management system, student achievement management, add, delete, modify the function, into teachers, administrators, students three entry ways, with different privileges....

"The use of HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL HTML5 development of the game" source code


SMS cat ASP development samples

space:nowrap;"><% '在ASP中使用本控件注意事项 '1、alasunsmscon.ocx这一文件的权限要设置正确,即设置“IUSR_机器名”这一用户有执行的权限,否则会报错“Server.CreateObject 访问错误”。 '   在设置完权限后,需重启IIS。 '2、如...

PHP book website

Implement member login shopping cart functionality, the main structure is PHP+JS+CSS+MySQL, realization of pagination display of goods, have plans to introduce. In addition, realized the clearing functions of shopping carts, to label the goods classification....

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