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JSP springmvc online examination system

Exam++ is the first of a network examination system based on JAVA and MYSQL development. It can stably and smoothly on Windows and Linux platforms. You can quickly and easily create questions and questions, publish papers, organization of the examination, the system automatically corrected. A high d...

Car Hire Them Wordpress

A car rental theme that lets customers reserve cars directly through your website. It features a custom post type for vehicles and pricing. PayPal and credit card payments can be accepted using the theme....

Order system

PHP ordering system, LZ online order management systems, quick orders, SMS alerts, email notifications and order routing page detection, the next single IP tracking, anti-scalping, preventing multiple submissions, failed to send a message is automatically sent to a pseudo database,...

Pma_server, create a directory and content, and then use the JSON output

Application background Connect to MSSQL server, read/add/update for simple catalogs and contents with more languages. Show out catalogs and contents with json....


Hide My WP is a WordPress plugin, use this plugin, you can hide your WordPress data, including source code, admin pages, landing pages, etc, will not display information specific to WordPress, such as static files link in a topic inside the WP-content, can be very good to enhance Web site security....

Page waterfall stream source

It is written by combining JavaScript and HTML and CSS Web page falls flow code, the result is beautiful! Learn Web programming can learn about, is in practical projects that used up!...

SpringBeans the human resources management system

SpringBeans human resource management systems, one based on the SSH2de of human resources management systems, you deserve ~   an integrated human resources management system, including databases and source code ~...

C # Web site complete daemon CMS

Himself to the company develops complete applicable corporate website backend, the equivalent of background templates have been tested successfully applied to the company's Web site development templates, only need to change the front page back office functions, databases have, according to their ow...

Chinese chess pages

A Web version of the chess system, suitable for PC port, mobile ... Intermediate and junior play, easy to use....

Micro channel development core configuration file

Application backgroundApplication of the micro channel at the beginning of the basic configuration file required, automatic reply, text and text reply functions areKey TechnologyUsing PHP language, the application interface of micro channel development independently written, in which all kinds of me...

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