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Web chat

PHP write can be used for the site's open source code for customer service, can be useful as a module to your system. Inside a rich look....

Hydropower inquiry system

  1、  解压后,拷贝到www服务器上, 2、  使用学号“20120140”或“20120141”登录,密码都是123456,看看效果。 3、  使用学号“888”登录,密码也是123456,看看效果。 4、  “20120140”和“20120141”...



General Navigation page

wechat php test, define your token,get post data, May be due to the different environments...

asp 分页类

<% Const Btn_First="<font face=""webdings"">9</font>" '定义第一页按钮显示样式 Const Btn_Prev="<font face=""webdings"">3</font>" '定义前一页按钮显示样式 Const Btn_Next="<font face=""webdings"">4</font>" '定义下一页按钮显示样式...

informant system

nice project to students or school administrators coz both caan have very clean information  about the student it can register a new student,modifiy student information it can drop student when  they are away...........................................!!...

Loutskiy CMS 6 Lucid Lynx

Its CMS for your site.  Meet the new CMS from Loutskiy WebTechnologies called Loutskiy CMS 6 Lucid Lynx and has the build version 6. The new system has laid down a brand new core, which will be used in other new CMS from Loutskiy. Also, the developers have paid great attention to API func...

Freelancer market place

Intelligence Editor Welcome to Intelliscence Editor 1.5 You may open the sample index.html file in editor.rar, OR Download the editor.rar file. Copy these folders in your project, Intelliscenceicons, Intelliscencestyles. Copy file editor.js in your project Include this javascript edi...

tree mapping sample

node to node icon to icon maping very good sample. It's very useful....

C # mail download

C # mail sent with attachments. C # send mail with attachments. C # mail sent with attachments. C # send mail with attachments. C # send mail with attachments. C # send mail with attachments....

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