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informant system

nice project to students or school administrators coz both caan have very clean information  about the student it can register a new student,modifiy student information it can drop student when  they are away...........................................!!...

image compression

Used to compress the jpeg images without reducing their quality. can be used for designing the web sites and layout designs...

SImple Inventory System

This is a simple inventory system. This project will be developed using PHP (PHP: Hypertext. Preprocessor). Inventory- is the process of making an itemized list of supplies on hand. Inventory Management Software: Having problems with keeping an accurate invent...

Not yet finished hotel reservation system

This is a simple HTML project which I made when I was still in Second year college. Here, you'll learn how to use PHP to enhance your designing skills that could help you in making a productive website. Design is a big part of a website because it shows us that the website that you are making is acc...

Auto Send Query to Report

This project allows to writing any connection to any sql server for defined users who writes any query for any reporting according his needs. At the and defines its sending periods acording day times. At the project sends it to any client by using generic mail settings.thanx...

Internet Programming

this is html code called sekolah. this is task for my lecturer and need database to stoorage data like teacher, student etc...

online shopping system

These is a web based online system mainly for selling different types of clothes,it generate customer's receipt and good's details bought....


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