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Pma_server, create a directory and content, and then use the JSON output

Application background Connect to MSSQL server, read/add/update for simple catalogs and contents with more languages. Show out catalogs and contents with json....

Page waterfall stream source

It is written by combining JavaScript and HTML and CSS Web page falls flow code, the result is beautiful! Learn Web programming can learn about, is in practical projects that used up!...

Chinese chess pages

A Web version of the chess system, suitable for PC port, mobile ... Intermediate and junior play, easy to use....

61 website pattern template

Application backgroundThe website pattern template contains 60 a website template, template forms, relates to the production of a variety of company enterprises, agriculture, wedding photography website, rich in content and diverse, exquisite design, complete code can directly use, fast and convenie...

Bumper ball, twin

Written in JS language, moving with keyboard control bezel, collided with ball, the ball will bounce, is a very simple little game, suitable for just friends to learn JS language reference....

100 sets of all kinds of website styles. part1

100 sets of various Web site style, site templates are HTML and CSS combined, more than 100 different styles of static Web site templates...

An Enterprise Portal Web site

Front desk system including user business card view, company announcements, product information, corporate information services, for employees also includes viewing the internal notification back-end systems can be divided into business cards announcement notification management, enterprise manageme...

Dating management system

This project is based on Java+JSP+Servlet WEB project, the database is Mysql. Features implemented this project can login, register, add, delete, update, search, and upload a photo feature....

PHP 20 commonly used

PHP 20 common source   include PHP can read random string, PHP encode email addresses, PHP to verify email addresses, PHP list contents of a directory, PHP destroy directory, PHP parsing JSON data and most of the popular Web services, such as the Twitter open API to provide data, it always kind...

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