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Demo Project for php

Dmoe project to usefull for php demo aap ...

Travel tour website

Travel tour allows check tour,view tour,book .....use SQL Server R2 2008 and VS 2010 3 layer...

Download the classic file source code

Application backgroundA classic upload download source file is C# ASPX & nbsp; is very simple, the code also notes, & nbsp; if you have any questions you can message to me, I saw immediately restore your & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Key TechnologyClassic upload and download the source file using &...

Discussion, message, system

Application backgroundC# wrote a very fresh message board, but also good, there are the original project.Key C# reply...

Message board system

Application backgroundThe database part is written in the storage process. Data submission, the use of the Ajax post jQuery approach to the general processing procedures for processing.Key Technology  a message board source code, the user through the login name for different rights, welcome to...

sky colored

web page is designed by using of html.The front page will be designed at first then we can modify this with our needs .Its very useful for our design page....

Web chat

PHP write can be used for the site's open source code for customer service, can be useful as a module to your system. Inside a rich look....

informant system

nice project to students or school administrators coz both caan have very clean information  about the student it can register a new student,modifiy student information it can drop student when  they are away...........................................!!...

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