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city system

a case study system for the school to used by a city it is the final and complete template php and etc.ThinkPHP installation place human_res--data in the system of human resources management database configuration under the data folder of the database user password set up...

DirectX WebCam Capture

The TVideoSample class provides access to WebCams and similar Video-capture  devices via DirectShow.  It is based mainly on C++ examples from the Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK Update  (Summer 2003): PlayCap and PlayCapMoniker. Comments found in those samples  are copied into this Del...

Labview sample and save data with matlab

labview simple and save the photo,we can get 15 photos in one seconds ,and it will be saved in the disk.It is very also can work with matlab ....

Tracking objects using backgroundaveragecleaning method

Application backgroundTrack Objects using BackgroundAverageCleaning method for detecting moving objects on videoKey TechnologyBackgroundAverageCleaning OpenCV C++ backgroundsubstruction...

VS2015 live555 project (based on live.2016.01.16)

Application backgroundLive555 source code and VS2015 project files (based on live.2016.01.16), can be compiled and debugged in studio Visual 2015 IDE environment!...


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