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Network camera SDK supports two development

Application backgroundNow a lot of software development is directly in the nested inside video, which is conducive to the realization of real-time monitoring and operation, the code inside a demo support network camera secondary development, the development of multi language support, complete active...

For FPGA VHDL, OV7725/OV7670

Application backgroundBased on the development of FPGA camera, image processing and other applications will become more widely. This project uses OV7725 and OV7670 as the debug camera, which is based on the image display function, and is not a static image display. Pure VHDL code, based on ov7725/ov...

Ffmpeg video and audio decoder, support for multiple format decoding, support for real-time decoding of network traffic

Application backgroundTheir ffmpeg decoder, the player must be God decoding library, supporting more than 200 kinds of audio format decoding, support for video audio synchronization, support for real-time decoding of network flow, etc., can be used directly to the interface, to see their internal im...

MFC LAN video surveillance source (including the server can be client)

Application backgroundMFC LAN video surveillance source (including the server can be client)...



Local area network video surveillance system

l System uses a human-computer interaction, interface is beautiful and friendly. l Need to always display screen information, network latency cannot be greater than the 1 秒。 l Server-side can be run at any time, as long as the client is running, you can display information....

TS demux to the ES stream and ES packages to PES and TS

TS demux to the ES stream and ES packages to PES and TS Good understanding of TS, ES, PES...

Cy68013 data acquisition source code

Cy68013 data acquisition and development tools are VS2010, MFC object-oriented plot data collected using a dual-thread! Position machine communication API is based on light CYAPI writes, has the reference value very much, and are hand-code all the fucntion, support me!...

The latest version of the H.264 Source

This is about video encoding code, the code is very detailed, using h.264 encoding of video files in various formats to encode get 264 file compression package there is also documentation...

Video-shot cut detection and key frame extraction

The key frame detection video camera switchingThe basic idea is to detect shot cuts: Comparison of two frames before and after the video gray difference, if the difference exceeds a threshold of two frames, then converts the video camera, and to the frames as key frames saved.Define the correspondin...

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